Venetian Blinds Project

Venetian Blinds Project Overview

Our client had just moved into their Riverside penthouse apartment which featured very large windows throughout. While they loved the natural light entering the apartment they also wanted the ability to control this, especially during the Summer.

After visiting our showroom, we arranged a design visit for our client where our interior designer would assess the windows in situ and discuss which options would work best for their needs. After viewing the windows in the apartment, we suggested Metal Venetian Blinds as the perfect solution for establishing light balance in the different rooms.

Venetian Blinds are a classic blind style that allow for total control over the light entering the room through a simple tilt mechanism. They are available in lots of different colours and designs which means they can seamlessly match any decor, both traditional or contemporary. Here our client opted for the a cream colour to seamlessly suit the neutral aesthetic of their apartment.

The blinds were top fixed and have a side chain operation for ease of use. Our Venetians can also be powered via the PowerView System which our client is interested in possibly pursuing at a later date.

Overall these blinds offer a super sleek stylish finish to their home that lets them enjoy natural light on their terms.

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