S-Craft Shutters Design Project

Shutters Project Overview

Our client had a very prominent window space situated in the contemporary kitchen area of their apartment which also featured a glass door to their balcony area, that they were unsure how best to furnish. They knew they wanted a product that would cover the entirety of the window area, providing them with both light and privacy options, but also something that would not obstruct their access to the balcony.

During our design visit we surveyed the windows and discussed our client’s needs and recommended wooden shutters as a viable option. From our experience, S-Craft shutters can easily cover many types of custom window, fitting extremely well in almost any architecture. They have superb light and heat control features which work well throughout the year. They can also be folded back when required for access to  the window or doors.

The S-Craft shutters our client selected and featured here are 76mm Cuba shutters. Cuba shutters are made from a blend of sturdy MDF frame and hardwood shutter panels designed to be lighter in weight to suit large windows. The featured wooden shutters have a silk white finish that matches the neutral decor of the kitchen area and larger apartment design. The client also opted for hidden tilts which are a discreet control option for shutters, perfect in a busy kitchen.

During the design visit, the client also added curtains to their order as an extra feature to compliment the shutters creating a very personal finish to their home and decor. This is a great example of how our customers can discover new products or combinations that they may not have considered before by visiting our showroom and meeting our interior designers.

Overall a very satisfied customer!

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