Markilux MX-3 Awning Bath Property Installation

Project Overview

This showcases an installation of the Markilux MX-3 awning product.

Our client had a lovely property in the Bath suburbs, and had recently begun extensive work on renovating their garden area. They had long considered adding an awning to their outdoor area for some time. So thought this seemed like idea timing to make the investment. After searching for local supplier in the area, they discovered our awning services and got in contact.

During their visit, our sales team walked them through the different awning models available to them. Later on, with an idea in mind, the client booked a free site survey for our fitter to visit the property and measure for their new awning. While there, the client used the opportunity to ask our fitter a host of technical questions about the awning, which he was very happy to answer. Once the measure was completed, and now feeling very informed, the client decided on the Markilux MX-3 awning model for their property.

The MX-3 awning balances elegant design with pragmatic function. Its design uses a mix of clean lines, and curves, that gives the model an overall contemporary feel. While its practical attributes are reinforced with its utilisation of bionic tendons. The awning cover colour is wonderfully bright, with a fresh orange hue, providing a welcomed stark contrast to the cream/pastel architecture.

Control wise, the client opted for powered operation through remote controls. We would recommend this for most modern awning models, simply for the maximum convenience.

Overall, this was a superb awning installation, with a very happy client who is well on the way to completing their idyllic outdoor space.

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