Markilux 990 Awning Model Bath Property Project

Project Overview

This showcases an installation of the Markilux 990 awning model.

Our client had a lovely new build property in the heart of Bath, that enjoyed lots of wonderful sunshine. However, while the envious amount of sun was usually welcomed, it also heated up their patio and adjacent living room. So much so that that it made outdoor living quite uncomfortable on sunny days. The client had seen an advert for our awning services and were very interested in any shading solutions we might be able to provide.

Our sales team talked the client through the different awning options in our showroom and booked a free site survey for us to visit the property. During the site visit, our fitter measured and answered questions about the awning. After this the client selected the Markilux 990 awning model for their property.

The 990 is compact in its construction, making it ideal for smaller patios or balconies. The 990 also has a unique U-Shaped front profile, which allows the awning to discreetly compact when not in use. As you can see from the photos, the 990’s slim design matched with the striking orange and red stripe cover, suits modern architecture very well too.

The client opted for a powered awning which allowed them to operate it using a remote control for maximum convenience. They also decided to add a vibrabox to the awning design. This handy device sits neatly on the front profile and controls the awning in high winds. Automatically retracting the cover if the windspeed threshold is reached. A very useful awning extra!

Overall, it this was a fantastic job with a very happy client who can now fully enjoy their outdoor area with their new Markilux 990 awning model!

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