Markilux 970 Awning Seaside Property Project

Project Overview

This showcases an installation of the Markilux 970 cassette awning model.

Our client had a lovely contemporary seaside property in Devon, not far from the coast. The property featured a stunning decking area that they loved spending time out on. However the decking would become very hot and uncomfortable during sunny days, so they wanted a long term solution to this. The client had seen our previous work, and were very interested in our awning services. So they contacted us through our website and asked for advice.

Our sales team then guided the client through our process. Beginning by talking through the different awning models and the extensive exterior shade options. After much discussion, and free site survey by our fitter, the client chose the Markilux 970 cassette awning for their home.

The 970 is a very practical model, and as you can see from the photos, is suitable for a wide range of properties. It has straightforward design with a very robust frame and bionic tendons. Which means it can stand up to strong winds when open, and can fully extend up to 300cm away from the building. When not in use, the 970 neatly slots away into an compact cassette, that most importantly doesn’t look out of place with the property’s architecture.

Due to the height and position of where the awning was to be positioned, the client opted for the powered version of the 970. Which simply meant that they could remote control their awning at the press of a button. Super convenient!

As with most Markilux awnings, the 970 also has an abundance of optional extras. We advised the client on the different available options and they chose to include a vibrabox and increased corrosion resistance coating with their order. In fact, the vibrabox was a very essential choice for them. This was as the property is so near to the coast, that wind is a very common factor and could effect the awning’s performance. The vibrabox itself is simply fixed to the inside/outside of the front profile of the awning and measures dynamic wind loads. Automatically retracting if the level becomes too high, protecting the awning.

Overall, it this was a stunning job with an extremely pleased client who can now fully enjoy their decking with their new 970 awning!

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