Markilux 970 Awning Project

Project Overview

This showcases an installation of the Markilux 970 awning model.

Our client had a lovely garden and patio area that they thoroughly enjoyed spending time in however they found that it could become overheated on warm sunny days. They visited our showroom to discuss various exterior shading options to solve this issue.

Our sales team suggested an awning as the best solution, and guided the client through the different available models to match their practical and aesthetic needs. After much discussion, the client decided on the Markilux 970 awning for their home.

The 970 awning is a practical model, that combines straightforward design with simple operation. The 970’s robust frame and generous cover extension of up to 300cm, means it fits perfectly within any urban lifestyle. It also has a compact full cassette which allows the cover and arms to fold away neatly when not in use.

Content with the 970, the client went with the powered version for maximum convenience. This meant they could easily operate their awning remotely at the press of a button.

They also chose to add a few extras to their awning to improve their experience even further. This included a vibrabox, rain sensor and shade plus.

The vibrabox is fixed to the inside or outside of the awning’s front profile and measures dynamic wind loads to retract and preserve the awning if levels are too high.

The rain sensor is positioned on the adjacent wall to measure levels of precipitation and acts to keep the awning cover dry.

The shade plus feature is an extra awning cover that descends vertically from the front profile of the awning to provide extra sun protection and privacy.

Overall, a stunning awning job with a very pleased client who can now fully enjoy their patio, spending hours relaxing in their own comfortable private shade.

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