Markilux 6000 Awning Project

Project Overview

This project showcases an installation of the Markilux 6000 awning model.

Our client had a particularly large south-facing patio and decking area that was completely exposed to the sun. This became a big issue, especially during the summer, when their decking would generate a lot of heat. Which in turn made spending any time out there very uncomfortable.

After visiting our showroom and talking with our design team, we recommended a Markilux awning as a practical shading solution. We then talked the client through the different awning options that would solve their heating issue. In the end, they decided on the Markilux 600 awning model in an anthracite fabric colour.

The 6000 awning is an award winning model, designed to provide a lasting impact. It features a unique U-shaped front profile that allows the folding arms and awning cover to completely disappear when not in use. When fully closed, the cassette measures at 125mm flat. The 6000 also has robust bionic tendons to ensure the awning’s smooth operation. Aesthetically, the 6000 awning is a timeless addition to any home.

The client opted for a powered version of the 6000 awning for maximum convenience. This required a 5 channel motor to be installed and connected to the awning. They can now operate their awning remotely from a hand remote anywhere on their property.

They also chose the shade plus option for their 6000 awning. This is an extra awning cover that descends vertically from the end of the awning to provide complete privacy and sun protection.

Overall, a very pleased client who can now fully enjoy their garden and spend hours relaxing in their own private shade.

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