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8 Essential Autumn/Winter Interior Design Trends For 2021-22, To Instantly Transform Your Home

With the dark nights and colder weather now in retreat, its the ideal time to prepare our homes for the year ahead.

But where to begin?

Well, our list of 8 essential autumn/winter interior design trends for 2022 is a great place to start!

In our list we will explore the following 8 trends:

  1. Soothing Spaces
  2. Minimalism Returns
  3. Round Shapes and Curves
  4. Bright Skies (Colour of the Year 2022)
  5. Inspiration From Nature
  6. Eco-Friendly Design
  7. Home Office and Multifunction Spaces
  8. Retro Colours (and Maximalism)

And of course, we will also be providing tips on how best to apply each design trend to your home!

Lets get started!

1. Soothing Spaces

Soothing Spaces minimalist contemporary interior

Finding zen at home is essential to our well-being.

However, with our busy modern lifestyles, our home environment can actually become a very stressful place.

With many of us facing more time indoors, thanks to the colder weather, its is important to find that balance of calm and function at home again.

The soothing spaces trend addresses this issue head on. Encouraging each of us to reconnect a positive relationship with our home environment. Which in turn, will allow us all to relax and regenerate over the winter period.

The key part behind applying the soothing spaces trend is to pursue organic forms in your interior design. By introducing natural materials and sustainable goods, we can use this connection to nature to encourage a stress free environment.

A good way of doing this around the house is to assess and determine where you feel most stressed. By identifying these areas, this will give you a good indication of where to begin.

Use neutrals, greens, browns and even florals through paint or fabrics in these areas to get the best calming effect.

Fabric collections we recommend are Meadow and Grand Botanical. Both excellent for classic and contemporary floral design. To stick within a neutral palette of greens and browns, consider the Saxon collection too. All can be used in curtains, upholstery and accessories.

When it comes to natural or sustainable products be sure to ask your interior designer where their products source their materials from. For example the wood used in our plantation shutters is sourced directly from the sustainable forest management scheme in the Solomon Islands.

Your designer should know, so don’t be afraid to ask!

So consider introducing organic elegance to your home through and enjoy a winter long hibernation in your soothing space.

2. Minimalism Returns

Minimalism interior promo

Minimalism has always been a popular trend in interior design. So it is no surprise to see it appear in our autumn/winter interior design trends list.

But what is it about minimalism that makes it so popular?

Well, minimalism has a way of cutting through the clutter in our lives and refocusing our homes to their central purpose. It prioritises simple living, with an emphasis on air and free space around the house.

During the pandemic, many of us took the opportunity to get rid of non-functional goods in our homes. In a way, beginning our own journeys to achieving minimalism. With this head-start in mind, minimalism is even easier to achieve than ever.

The key is to keep things simple. Minimalism asks us to be mindful or our choices. Selecting items that not only serve purpose but also last.

Long lasting investments with a minimalist aesthetic, such as plantation shutters, can go a long way.

Remember minimalism never really goes out of fashion, so why not make the change and enhance the liveability of your interiors.

3. Round Shapes and Curves

Round and curves within interior design

Curves and round edges have become increasingly popular within the design industry.

But why is this?

Well, this trend’s rising prominence is thanks to its application of soft lines and feminine forms in architecture and interior design. These forms actually encourage lightness and romance to emerge in an interior. Making for a delightful space to live in.

So how to apply round edges to your home?

The easiest way is to do this is with furniture. While there are lots of variations of curves and soft edges within furniture, the abundance of choice allows you the freedom to choose how best to apply this look to your home.

Do consider fabric too, particularly curtains, as this can also help soften a room and contribute to the general curve aesthetic.

Overall, round edges and curves provide that modern look your home has been missing.

4. Bright Skies (Dulux Colour Of The Year)

Bright skies colour of the year for 2022 digital colour sample

Introducing the 2022 Dulux colour of the year, Bright Skies!

This shade was chosen by a panel of international design experts, who wanted to capture the mood of the moment.

Taking into account the uncertainty we have all experienced over the last few years, they wanted to find a colour that would present a profound feeling of optimism. Hence, Bright Skies!

Bright Skies, like its name suggests, presents a fresh and airy tone that breathes new life into tired interiors.

Its versatile in its application too, working well with other colour palettes to create different tones. For example combining Bright Skies with greens, introduces inspiration from nature and its positive effects inside your home.

So consider reinvigorating the colour scheme in your home with Bright Skies, and look to brighter days ahead.

5. Inspiration From Nature

Inspiration from Nature interiors

Another trend spilling out of the pandemic, and linked to soothing spaces above, is inspiration from nature.

We have all missed being able to go outside regularly at points throughout the last few years, so this trend looks to re-establish our closeness to nature.

Embracing nature around the home was also a big trend at the beginning of this year and continues again in 2022.

The easiest way to achieve this in your home, is to introduce greenery with sustainably sourced house plants. Strategically placed around the house, they will instantly bring that natural world aesthetic to your interior. However, be sure not to over do it too, as you may risk losing cosiness.

Accents on your walls or windows will work well too, particularly natural woods and warm browns. We recommend shutters once more here, particularly for their wood look.

Certain fabric collections such as Rustic or Logan can also help, adding depth and warmth to your setting.

If we have learnt anything from the last few years, nature is truly integral to our well-being and lifestyles, so why not seek inspiration from nature in your home?

6. Eco-Friendly Design

Greenscreen sea-tex sustainable roller blinds and eco-friendly

Being eco-friendly and living sustainably is no longer an ideal to stride for but a necessary part of modern living.

Eco-friendly design has come a long way in the last few years. With many design companies opting for sustainable practices and eco-friendly products. This was also a big topic among industry professionals at this year’s Decorex show too. Highlighting just how prominent this subject has become.

A key product that fits this eco-friendly criteria is Greenscreen Sea-Tex. Sustainable roller blind material made from recycled ocean plastic. These blinds look and operate much like regular blinds but also help the environment.

Now, this trend isn’t just for eco-friendly products alone, it can also refer to improving our home’s energy efficiency.

By adopting better energy practice around the house, we can reduce energy consumption.

A great option for this, is to invest in energy efficient blinds. Blinds such as the duette®, have been specifically designed to massively reduce energy loss. They work extremely well and look fabulous.

By being more conscious in our design choices today, we can strive for a better tomorrow.

7. Home Office and Multifunctioning Spaces

Contemporary home office with blue walls

Its safe to say, home offices are a mainstay now in our working culture.

With many of us choosing to continue working from home, prioritising your personal office space is key for a happy home work life balance in 2022.

A solid home office should be a calm and reflective space, that inspires you. Choose colours that focus the mind, like subtle blues, greens, and neutrals. And avoid very bright hues that are overtly energizing as they can lead to restlessness.

Remember whatever the look, the aim is to make your space work for you.

Now, if you do not have room for a fully dedicated office space, don’t worry. Multifunctioning spaces are also part of this trend too. We have all learnt to rely on our homes to provide a multitude of functions. This includes home offices and home schooling, and this is set to continue in some way.

So how best to maximise the space in your home?

Well room dividers are the perfect way to instantly create new rooms in your home. And a fantastic product to do this with are shutters.

That’s right, shutters can sit on tracks across your room. Sliding open and closed to create an extra room whenever required. Perfect for an ongoing home office space.

If anything, this trend simply asks us to explore the potential of our homes, and to make the most out of our personal spaces.

8. Retro Colours (and A Hint Of Maximalism)

collage fabric collection and retro colours

While minimalism and softer colours are mostly in, there is room for a little bit of colour to keep things interesting.

Retro colours, specifically a 70’s colour palette, make their triumphant return to our interiors in 2022.

Colours such as burnt orange, moss greens, and other warm neutrals are here to brighten up-and-coming interiors.

If retro colours and patterns sound fun to you, then have a look at fabric collections Collage and Parade. Both series have distinctly retro feels that work well with curtains and accessories.

Don’t forget maximalism is still on trend too, ideal for anyone looking at alternatives to minimalism.

So next year, lets use a little style influence of the past to liven up your interiors’ future.

Want To Know More Autumn/Winter Interior Design Trends?

We hope you feel inspired by our autumn/winter interior design trends!

If so, why not contact us about any of the trends above.

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