Blue blinds in Home Design

You Should Use Colour in Your Home Design: Here’s Why

Colour is confidence. By introducing colour to your home design you will immediately see a change in your outlook, mood and well-being.

Whether through paint, upholstery or colourful curtains, you can transform your living space quickly and easily.

Metal venetian blinds with blue hue in living room windows.

Colour in the home can maximise your lifestyle’s potential.

So why not take a chance on that bold blue blind for your bathroom or energising green paint for your living room. After all, there’s a reason we don’t see the world in black and white.

Commit to Colour in Your Home Design

Lockdown aside, 2021 is the ideal opportunity to try something new around your home.

With the year that was 2020, most of us found ourselves stuck at home. And as a result our living spaces have taken on a multitude of needs. Whether we were remote working, teaching or just trying to escape the uncertainty of the world, we have all been reminded of just how important our home is. And this is where colour comes in.

By introducing prominent colour at home, you can maximise the positive potential your four walls can have. Just imagine a combination of soft and bold colours stimulating your mind making you super productive while also eradicating stress. Sound appealing?

Well, colour can quite literally enhance your lifestyle.

But committing to your colour choice is essential. To have a practical effect, any colour introduced must be delivered with confidence. Avoid any scheme that feels too plain, as it will limit the possibilities for your home design.

Orange plantation shutters in home office

Commit to colour in your home, you won’t regret it!

Positivity and Wellbeing

Colour doesn’t just look great it also has a profound effect on the mind and spirit.

By using the right colour, we can easily achieve an environment that uplifts our mood. And when combined with light, colour is even more powerful around the home.

This idea is actually very on trend too, with Moody Interiors being an essential design trend for this Winter season.

venetian blinds in home office behind indoor plant

A splash of colour can increase your general wellbeing.

Its all very achievable too. And you have more control than you think!

So where to get started?

How To Apply Colour to your Home

The best way to immediately introduce colour to your home design is simply to decide which colours you like. It really is as easy as that!

Once you have an idea of which colours you prefer, you can start to navigate your design journey.

Next go out and get samples of paint, fabric or whatever else you want to be part of your home design. Its always much easier to compare and contrast in situ, so colour references help quite a bit.

Remember, different rooms will require colour to work on numerous levels. For example the bedroom will need to be restful at night and stimulating in the day, so opt for colours that can do both such as neutral colours. This is where window furnishings, such as blinds, come in handy to provide a splash of colour but also a calming effect at night.

Duette blind with yellow hue as part of colourful home design

Window Furnishings such as blinds can help provide colour to rooms with numerous purposes e.g bedrooms.

If it gets all a bit overwhelming, don’t be afraid to ask for advice from experts. At Aspect we regularly work with customers’ colour schemes to best match them up with the perfect product.

White Still Counts

Now, while we believe in colour, its not for everyone.

If you prefer a quieter design or neutral look then by all means stick with what suits you best. Colour is great but works best when you are happy with the end result.

Silhouette blinds with translucent material in neutral living room setting

Don’t discount white as an option for your colour scheme.

Now this brings us to using white.

Sophisticated and uplifting, white can act as a dominant colour. It does this through an absence of colour. Which in turn creates a dynamic shift in your home design. Ultimately, establishing a neutral vibe and that kickstarts the restorative process.

It is a great equaliser in the home creating a serene atmosphere throughout.

White also goes with almost any scheme, so don’t rule it out!

We Can Help You Home Design

If you are excited by the prospect of colour in your home but need advice why not contact us? Our expert designers are ready to advise you on colour schemes for your home design and match the perfect window furnishings to suit you.

Thanks for reading.