under-glass awning with orange cover extended under canopy

The Under-Glass Awning – Everything You Need To Know

Before we begin, lets mention glass canopies.

Glass canopies are certainly a stunning architectural feature, no question, but they can also be notoriously difficult to add shade to.

In fact, they can magnify the summer heat on your patio area. Preventing you from truly enjoying your outdoor space.

Luckily, we have the ideal solution, the under-glass awning!

Under-glass awning installed to glass canopy

Invest in a Markilux under-glass model and enjoy comfortable shading in your outdoor area.

But what are under-glass awnings exactly?

How do they work?

And why should you consider them for your home?

Lets answer all of this and more below!

What Is An Under-Glass Awning?

Firstly, lets define what an under-glass awning is.

As the name suggests, this awning model sits under the glass.

Specifically designed for glass canopies, it provides a custom-made practical shading option that works.

Markilux 779 awning fitted to glass canopy at Bath Property.

This is a model 779 fitted under a glass canopy at a property in Bath.

Now, let’s look at their functionality.

How Do They Work?

Well, the good news is they work very much like a standard awning, extending and closing, while also providing comfortable shade and UV protection.

However a big difference with this model, is that the awning cover actually moves across a track system. Take a glimpse at the machinations below.

under-glass awning track system close up

Beneath the frame – the under-glass awning track-fix system.

If you find yourself questioning tracks in your canopy, don’t.

Installation is discreet and once in place, all will work seamlessly. Have a quick look at a recent job of ours below to see what we mean.

Another benefit of using a track system is that there are no gaps between the fabric and the track. This is ensured by gas pistons, which are built into the awning’s frame. These pistons essentially maintain the fabric tension as it moves up and down.

There are two control options available, manual and electric, as well as a host of awning extras to choose from including LED lighting.

Built in LED lighting on

LED lighting is one of many extras you can add to under-glass awnings

We hope you feel more reassured about the workings of this awning model, but here’s why you should invest in an under-glass awning .

Why You Should Consider This Model For Your Home

Well one great thing about this awning is its positioning under the glass. By being installed there, the awning is not exposed to the weather, wind or debris. Instead it is protected by the glass canopy and its solid cassette when fully closed. This means its a great long term investment for the many summers to come.

Under-glass made-to-measure awning aerial view

Under-glass awnings sit under the glass canopy

Its worth noting too, that like all Markilux awnings, this model benefits from cutting edge German engineering. So it will not only work, but will work well.

Style wise, there are literally hundreds of options to choose from. So you can easily find your perfect look.

markilux awning fabric swatches display

Browse hundreds of awning fabric styles and patterns to find your preferred finish.

One more thing to consider is that under-glass awning are a direct solution to shading canopies. With this in mind, its worth considering this awning model for your home.

Which Models Should I Look Out For?

If you are interested in under-glass awnings here are the two key models to look out for. The 779 and the 879.

You may be asking, what is the difference between these too?

Well, its down to the cassette shape.

The 779 is a compact square, perfect for those who love a straight line. Have a look below!

under-glass awning 779 model cassette side profile

The 779 awning’s cassette is much squarer than the 879.

As a clear alternative, the 879 offers an attractive round cassette. Just see the difference below.

under-glass awning 879 model cassette side profile

The 879 model has a curved cassette.

Here they are together for comparison.

Markilux awning model 779 and model 879 cassette comparison.

The 779 and 879 cassette comparison.

Either model will deliver, its simply up to you which aesthetic you prefer.

Find Out More Information

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