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Top Down Bottom Up Blinds – 5 Ways They Will Transform Your Home

Ever experienced it?

That moment first thing in the morning, just after you have pulled your blinds up to let light in, and as you stare out at the world, finding yourself longing for a little privacy too?


Then you are not alone.

Any home owner will tell you that using your blinds to let light in is one thing. Feeling like you can retain some privacy simultaneously too, well, that’s another.

And this is where top down bottom up blinds come in.

Top down bottom up blinds in front of French Doors

These blinds will give you the option to manage privacy and light.

They offer a flexible option for managing light and privacy in your home. Letting you have the best of both worlds, like never before.

Sound intriguing?

Well, have a read of our list, 5 ways these blinds will transform your home, to learn more.

In our list we will look at the following various attributes of the Top Down Bottom Up model:

  1. Versatility
  2. Positioning
  3. Window Compatibility
  4. Control Options
  5. Child Safety

So shall we begin?

What are Top Down Bottom Up Blinds?

Just before we do though, its worth pointing out exactly what top down bottom up blinds are.

OK, so what are they?

Well, the quick answer is explained through their unique operation. What we mean by this is that they open from the bottom of the window, much like regular blinds, and can also be opened from the top down too, not like regular blinds.

Have a look at this diagram to see just how this blind works.

Top down bottom up blind model diagram

There is so much flexibility in this blind model!

When you think about it, the blind’s name perfectly sums up its function.


Now, we know what these blinds are, lets get on with the list!

1. Versatile Product

When it comes to managing light and privacy at home, top down bottom up blinds have an unmatched versatility.

Without question.

But why is this so important?

Well consider this.

Most conventional blinds will only open from the bottom up. Now while there is nothing wrong with this, when it comes to managing light and privacy, it really is an all or nothing approach.

In contrast, using a top down bottom up blind model means you can adjust them however you would like. Providing a much more nuanced approach to light and privacy at home.

top down bottom up blinds with translucent fabric

Its easy to achieve your perfect positioning with this blind style.

This nicely brings us on to the next point.

2. Perfect Positioning

By being able to move your blinds a little more freely, you suddenly open up a world of shading possibilities for your windows.

Blue duette blinds in bedroom windows

Transform the way you do shade in your home.

For example, you can cover the bottom of the window for privacy and let light in through the top half, or move them to block a pesky bit of sun as light changes throughout the day.

These blinds really will move with your preferences.

duette blinds with top down bottom up function in contemporary living space

Its easy to set your blind’s perfect position

Now, with all the promise of extra movement these blinds can do, knowing they will stay in position is paramount.

So will they stay in place?


These are practical blinds, designed to work with any window in any home.

But, let’s find out just how well they sit in different window types next.

3. Suitable For Any Window

A big question we are always asked about this blind style, is will they work with my windows?

The answer is almost certainly yes.

Top down bottom up blinds are built to be compatible with different window styles.

Regular windows, French doors and even tilted windows, can work with top down bottom up blind models.

Just take a look here

Plisse blinds on French doors

Suitable for almost all types of window!

So rest assured, whatever your window setting, they will work (and look fabulous too!).

4. Extensive Control Options

At this point, you may be wondering how do they operate?

Do they have manual or electric controls?

And will you have to get up to adjust them every time the sun moves?

Well, the great news is that there are numerous control options.

Choosing the classic manual operation means you can simple move the blinds by hand. No electrics just smooth movements.

But if are leaning to remote control options, then you are in luck. They are fully compatible with the Smart Home electric blinds system PowerView® Automation.

So you can instantly enhance your home’s privacy, moving your shades to the exact position you want at the press of a button or voice command.

5. Child Safety

Finally, a very reassuring point to anyone with young children.

These blinds are totally cordless.

Which means they are a very safe shading option for nurseries or children’s bedrooms.

top down bottom up duette blind in nursery window

Complete your nursery or children’s bedroom with this super safe blind.

Find Out More About Top Down Bottom Up Blinds

By now you should have an idea of how much potential the top down bottom up blind has. It really will transform your home!

Why not contact us to learn more!

We also have a PowerView® Automation top down bottom up duette on display in our showroom for you to try. Have a look below!

Top down bottom up duette blind display Aspect Window Styling showroom

Our duette blind display with top down bottom up operation – Its hard to miss!

Thanks for reading!