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8 Essential Spring/Summer Interior Design Trends for 2021 To Instantly Transform Your Home

With the nicer weather almost here and restrictions being lifted, its an ideal time to reinvigorate your home ready to welcome visitors again with a new look.

But where to begin?

Well our list of 8 essential Spring/Summer interior design trends for 2021 is a great place to start!

Modern airy bedroom with silk curtains and quirky items

Discover the trend you have been missing to spruce up your home for 2021.

Its full of positive new perspectives and on-trend applicable ideas to suit any home.

So lets hit the refresh button on our interiors and focus on the better times ahead!

1. Rustic Vogue

Starting with an interesting one, Rustic Vouge.

Sounds intriguing right?

But what exactly is Rustic Vouge and why is it so popular?

Rustic Vouge is a sophisticated update to the popular interior trend Cottagecore.

Cottagecore is a modern interior aesthetic inspired by idealised rural living. Rustic Vouge plays on this but encourages us to go further, by making full use our unique living spaces, and injecting rich character into our homes.

Quirky interior design with varying picture frames

Discover your personal taste in the Rustic Vouge

As for its popularity, rustic vouge, plays on our fondness of nostalgia and the need for comfort at home. Essentially, its for anyone who loves modern home comforts but wants to introduce quirky touches around the house.

cottagecore allotment collection pillowson wooden bench in modern home.

Rustic Vouge is a new fun way of decorating our interiors with quirky pieces.

Its also really easy to apply. Just think about adding unique textured pieces. Which can be antiques or statement accessories, all very open ended. It really is up to you.

We like to recommend the allotment fabric collection as a great option for Rustic Vogue enthusiasts. As it is full of fun playful farm inspired prints, such as allotments, dogs, horses and of course florals. Each design brimming with eccentric characters.

quirky pvc tablecloth with farmhouse prints part of the allotment fabric collection

The Allotment collection (pictured) is a fun option for introducing aspects of Rustic Vouge around the home.

Colour-wise, Rustic Vogue works best with muted, pastel palette but can also have splashes of colour.

colourful tablecloth featuring farmyard animals prints from Allotment collection

Bring out a personal side to your home with the Rustic Vogue trend.

Overall, remember its the small touches that make Rustic Vogue work so well in your home. Just have fun accessorising!

2. Contemporary Country

Sticking with the theme of comfort, Contemporary Country also uses elements of the rural lifestyle.

But what makes it different to Cottagecore and Rustic Vogue?

Well, Contemporary Country relies less on introducing items, instead focusing on changing the overall feel of your home. In turn, creating a cosy and inviting space.

Floral prints curtain fabric in traditional living room space.

Create a cosy atmosphere at home with Contemporary Country.

Fabric collections like Heritage are terrific options for the Contemporary Country look. Adding a mix of fun prints to spruce up standard curtain design.

Fabric curtains with crosshatch embroidery in rural bedroom

Fabric collections including Heritage (Pictured) are ideal matches for the Contemporary Country trend.

Try to use a warm colour palette, reminiscent of yellow meadows and amber forests. This will help soften parts of your home and lead to a calmer environment.

3. Distant Shores

Have found yourself longing for tropical getaways this last year?

If so, then Distant Shores might be the trend for you.

Distant Shores acts as a contemporary edge to classic floral design, featuring bright tropic visuals, subtle monotones and a soft, yet colourful palette.

exotic tropical curtain prints from South Pacific fabric collection

Distant Shores is a refreshed take on classic floral prints.

By introducing images of tropical greenery into our home, Distant Shores instantly creates a calm and relaxing effect.

You can achieve the Distant Shores look with wallpaper or fabric. Look for something that reminds you of a favourite holiday destination and run with it.

Fabric collections that have an excellent Distant Shores vibe include South Pacific and Malibu. Both instantly provide that special destination feeling.

Malibu tropical floral print curtains in contemporary living room interior design

Collections like Malibu (pictured) are great options for the Distant Shores look.

If you have missed the freedom of going away in 2020, let Distant Shores capture your global inspiration within your interiors.

4. Earthy Ground Tones

If bright colourful prints aren’t to your taste, don’t worry. Earthy Ground tones are in too!

Further to the announcement of Dulux’s Colour of the YearBrave Ground‘, earthy ground tones have been making a come back. And its all part of a return to nature.

Brave Ground colour contemporary living room space.

Earthy Ground Tones set to simplify modern living.

With many of us living digital lives, this trend looks to help us reconnect with nature once again.

To apply this style to your home, use warm colours like rust, amber and browns. This works best with fabrics or window furnishings. By adding these simple colour touches around the house, it will begin to feel like a very welcoming space that you really want to spend time in.

So why not indulge in Earthy Ground tones for your home and embrace the natural world once more.

5. Eco Chic

In the similar vein to Earthy Tones, Eco Chic brings things back to basics.

But how so?

Well Eco Chic pushes a renewed focus on well-being and sustainability. Both of which were tipped at last year’s Decorex show as essential staples of modern interior design.

If you need an idea of where to source Eco products, Greenscreen Sea-Tex is an absolute must for your consideration. These are sustainable roller blinds made from recycled ocean plastic waste. They look and function exactly like normal blinds but are eco-friendly.

Greenscreen Sea tex recycled roller blinds with translucent fabric in large glass window

Greenscreen Sea-Tex is a sustainable roller blind option made from ocean plastic.

Eco Chic uses a mixture of greens and yellows, specifically golden beige, moss green and and soft olive colours. All carefully selected to promote mood-boosting properties.

Greenscreen Sea-Tex recycled blind fabric sample

Use calming colours with your Eco Chic to truly benefit from this environmentally conscious trend.

For those looking to a green yet stylish future, with mental and environmental health at the forefront, consider Eco Chic.

6. Home Office

Have you been working from home this last year?

If yes, you will almost certainly have a home office of some kind. Even if it is a makeshift one.

Makeshift home office in bedroom

Does your home office resemble something like this? Then the Home Office trend might be for you!

Now with life (hopefully) returning to normality soon, you may be wondering if a home office is still worth it?

The short answer is yes.

Designed to induce thought and productivity, home offices are simply the future. And if you have space, this is super easy to achieve. Just pick somewhere in your house that is comforting, quiet and with natural light.

Home office laptop and stand

The perfect home office will increase your productivity tenfold.

Now comes the fun part, styling your office! A great quick option to complete a professional look are blinds. Particularly, roller blinds for complete privacy or silhouettes for a twist of natural light.

A few office plants never go a miss too!

Silhouette blinds in large window

Complete your home office look with a blind such as the silhouette (pictured).

If it sounds good so far but you are worried about finding room, don’t worry. There are other options to create temporary rooms such as track shutters.

These act much like normal shutters but sit on a track system. This means they can be opened and closed whenever you need an extra room. Ideal for open plan spaces, its the easiest way to create a new office when you need it!

Track shutters in living room

Track Shutters can help you create a new temporary space for a home office.

So why not consider setting up a new home office now?

7. Maximalism

Maximalism is having a major resurgence in the interior world.

A reaction against minimalism, Maximilsim an excess of style and character. Think more is more.

Maximalist floral print curtains in traditional conservatory.

Maximalism wants to go big and to go home.

Maximalism isn’t just about filling our interiors with colourful artefacts though, it actually seeks to fully transform our homes into fulfilling spaces, brimming with memories and curiosities.

Maximalist tropical fauna wall paper and lamp shades.

Maximise the impact of your interiors wherever possible.

A superb collection to consider here is Journey Beyond. Its a truly stunning fabric series, full of rich exotic imagery and adventure to liven up any living space.

Journey Beyond fabric curtains with tiger tropical jungle prints

Journey Beyond brings character in spades to any interior design.

Now this is definitely not for all but don’t let that prevent you from considering a touch of Maximalism here or there around the house. After all, a new perspective can make such a difference!

8. Back To Outdoor Living

Our home has been our sanctuary during lockdown but its about time we returned to outdoor living.

Summer garden back to outdoor living trend

Lets spend more time outside with back to outdoor living!

Often our gardens act as an extension of our indoor area. With a patio or grass playing an instrumental part in our general well-being. And so as the warmer weather arrives, we should look to spend more time outdoors reconnecting with nature and of course, each other.

Outdoor gathering in park back to outdoor living 2021 trend

Time to enjoy outside once more.

We would recommend an awning as a great way to spend more time outdoors in your garden. Awnings like the MX-3,  offer a super sleek and stylish addition to garden areas and ensure a comfortable time outside.

MX-3 cassette awning installation

The MX-3 provides excellent UV protection letting you get back to outdoor living.

We are sure no one will need convincing on this point, but outdoor living is going to be a key summer interior design trends for all of us this year.

Want To Know More Trends?

We hope you feel inspired by our Spring/Summer interior design trends!

If so, why not contact us about any of the trends above. Our designers are only an email away and would love to help you revitalise your home!

Thanks for reading!