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8 Essential Spring/Summer Interior Design Trends To Instantly Transform Your Home In 2022

With spring now here, its the ideal time to re-energise your home.

But where should you begin?

Well, that’s what we want to show you in our list of 8 essential spring/summer interior design trends for 2022!

In this guide, we will explore the following 8 trends:

  1. Travel Inspired Interiors
  2. Nature Inspired Surfaces And Objects
  3. The More Modern Grandmillennial
  4. Minimalism
  5. Tactile Textiles and Textures
  6. Vintage And Sustainable Accents
  7. Dual Purpose Rooms (Double Duty Living Spaces)
  8. High-Tech Homes

Each of these will give you the inspiration you need to get started on making those changes.

And of course, we will also be providing tips on how to best apply each interior design trend to your home!

So, shall we begin?

1. Travel Inspired Interiors

With all of us free to travel again and see the world once more, our interiors are also set to take on a nomadic adventurous flare.

Travel inspired interiors appeals to our explorer nature.

Encouraging us to channel inspiration from countries and cultures we adore into our interior design.

Tropical leopard jungle design on armchair and curtains in living room area

Infuse your interiors with adventure and intrigue, so you can escape to your favourite destinations.

Now, keep in mind that there is no right or wrong way of applying this trend.

This is a very personal undertaking, with each of us having an affinity for different holiday destinations.

Fabric is an easy place to start with ideas. As there are many collections and designs available that suit this trend.

Take a look at the Inca Trail, Maharaja, and Monsoon collections for a few different travel themed looks.

Fabric with multi-tonal abstracts from Maharaja fabric collection

Travel inspired fabric collections such as the Maharaja collection, can transport your home across the world with the power of design.

You can also use objects and distinct colour pathways that are reminiscent of your favourite holiday getaway for a greater effect too.

In no time at all, your home will feel more like a holiday mood board and have you dreaming of your next big adventure!

2. Nature Inspired Surfaces And Objects

Thanks to events in the last few years, we have spent more time indoors than ever before.

So in 2022, it seems fitting that we are all seeking to strengthen our connection with nature at home once again.

This has paved the way for a resurgence in natural surfaces and objects being used in interior design.

Think stoneware, terracotta, marble and wood, applied anywhere from kitchen counters to furniture to decorative objects.

vintage repurposed coffee table white

Embrace natural surfaces around the home to encourage nature back into our lives.

There is a raw, imperfect nature to these organic materials that adds depth and visual intrigue to a room.

This too then mimics the restorative ambiance of the outdoors and its many benefits in our living spaces. Ideal for anyone looking to be more mindful in their approach to interior design.

3. The More Modern Grandmillennial

Grandmillenial interior design trend promo

Grandmillennial is a generational rebellion against the sleek sensibilities of minimalism. Finding love for past design trends considered to be “outdated” by mainstream culture.

Think a curated new-but-old-style with a maximalist flair.

floral wallpaper and blush pink sofa and décor

Grandmillenial allows bold expression to run free in your home.

Grandmillennial has been slowly growing in popularity amongst influencers and taste makers in 2021. And now, is set to become even more so in 2022.

The great news is that applying the Grandmillennial look is really easy.

Think bold looks, lots of colour and floral patterns.

For example, floral and damask-printed wallpapers and fabrics, will instantly create a retro infused “more is more” look.

Collections such as the Copper Falls are great for this maximalist style.

Floral maximalist fabric armchair and curtains

The Copper Falls collection has a distinct style that works well as part of the Grandmillenial look.

You can also try combining this with contemporary-shaped soft furnishings too, for an added touch of glamour.

Remember, Grandmillenial is all about expression through your interiors, so don’t shy away!

4. Minimalism

Minimalist interior - Interior design trends 2022

Minimalism’s popularity has never really waned in the interior design world. But this year, sees its return to prominence in our living spaces.

The true appeal of this trend lies in its simplicity.

It asks us to streamline and refocus our living spaces.

Which in turn, enhances the liveability of our interiors. Reducing stress and benefitting our general wellbeing.

Minimalist apartment with green sofa and wood floors

More space and an emphasis on air will reduce stress at home.

When applying minimalism in your home, remember to keep things as straightforward as possible.

Consider what’s currently in your living spaces. Assess what adds value and what does not. Then prioritise decluttering what you don’t need.

If you stick with minimalism, you will soon find your home becoming a much calmer space. And you may even find yourself becoming more mindful of your design choices in general.

5.Tactile Textiles and Textures

Tactile textiles and textures interior design trend promo banner

Similar to nature inspired surfaces, the tactile textiles and textures trend encourages us to be bolder with our layer choices at home.

While more fabric orientated, this trend still intends to make our homes into fulfilling spaces by embracing new textures.

living room space with furry carpet and thick throw over sofa

By layering our homes with new and exciting fabric texture, we positively alter how we experience our living spaces.

Here, a little strategic design can go a long way.

As by placing fabric, in particular, rugs or throws, around the house, you can quickly accent your rooms. Making them feel much more visually arresting.

Fabric also presents the prime opportunity to experiment with different colours, designs and embroideries.

There are many fabric collections to cater to any design preferences, so take your time exploring options.

6.Vintage And Sustainable Accents

vintage and sutainable accents interior design trends 2022 promo

Hand in hand with rich texture, vintage accents are set to liven up our interiors this year too.

Vintage items bring touchable texture, warmth and sentimentality to design. Which when used well, make our homes much more interesting places to be.

They too have the power to influence the storytelling and direction of any interior. Giving you the freedom to tell your own narrative.

Classic clay flower pots ornament decorations on window sill

Tell a story in your home with vintage items and antiques.

Repurposing antiquities can also help reduce our carbon footprint. Celebrating the old over new to reduce landfall.

Alongside this, we are starting to see a lot more sustainable options in the design industry.

Whisp fabric hanging from coat rail in porch area

Opting for sustainable fabric options to accent your home brings an environmentally friendly element to your interiors too.

For example, the Whisp collection uses recycled material for its fabrics and Greenscreen Sea-Tex Blinds is made from recycled ocean plastic.

All of which feels like a definitive shift towards a greener and cleaner future. Not just for our homes, but also for our planet.

7.Dual Purpose Rooms (Double Duty Living Spaces)

Throughout the last few years, our living spaces have stepped up to take on a host of new duties.

And as people spend more time in their homes, they expect the spaces to work harder for them.

With this new normal set to continue into 2022. Rooms will be designed for double duty.

Whether for work, education or leisure they should be able to adapt to suit your needs throughout the day.

home office with houseplants

Modern homes should deliver on multiple fronts, and even more so in 2022.

A good way of doing this is with a room divider.

Shutter room dividers in particular, are great for repurposing rooms.

Plantation shutters room dividers separating living room and dining area

Shutter room dividers change the way your home operates.

Effortlessly sliding across a room, these shutters create two new spaces for your home. Whenever you need it most.

So, why not use this trend to make your home work more efficiently for you.

8.High-Tech Homes

Hight-Tech homes and virtual reality interior design trends 2022 promo

Each year, design continues to evolve with new advances in technology. And in 2022, our interiors are feeling these benefits.

By embracing new technology in our homes, it gives us the ability to create truly immersive living spaces.

Woman using tablet at home

Enhance your living spaces with new technology including home automation.

For us, PowerView® Automation is where the high-tech element comes into its own.

Now linked to Smart Home systems such as Amazon Alexa and Google assistant, PowerView® Automation gives you complete control over the smart blinds in your home.

powered twist silhouette electric blind in living room window

PowerView connects the blinds in your home and allows you total remote control over the light and privacy in your home.

Don’t underestimate the power of new technology for shaping your interior design. Instead, consider just how much it can enhance your living spaces in 2022.

Want To Know More Spring/Summer Interior Design Trends?

We hope you feel inspired by our spring/summer interior design trends!

If so, why not contact us about any of the trends above.

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