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Sonnette Shades: Everything You Need To Know

Sonnette shades are the perfect long term investment for your window.

But what separates this blind model from others in a very crowded market?

Simply put, the sonnette delivers on multiple fronts.

Style, light control, privacy AND insulation.

Its this balance of design and innovation, that makes it such a gamechanger for home shading.

If that sounds intriguing, the good news is that we will be explaining absolutely everything there is to know about the sonnette in this guide including:

So, shall we begin?

What Are Sonnette Shades Exactly?

Sonnettes are a distinct style of blind model, very similar to roller blinds.

But unlike standard roller blinds, sonnettes have two layers of fabric.

This extra fabric layer not only gives the sonnette its insulation qualities but also a unique aesthetic of soft contours.

Sonnette Blinds pulled down in window

Sonnette Blind in situ

Which when combined with the soft glow of natural light, gives the sonnette an unparalleled elegance.

But with such style, how well does this blind work?

How Do They Work?

To its credit, the sonnette’s operation is very straightforward. Operating much like a standard roller blind.

There are two key control options to consider here, chain or powered.

Both have their benefits and differ in cost. So it is completely dependent on your preference and budget.

Can Sonnettes Insulate Your Home?

The quick answer is yes they can!

But you may be wondering how?

Well, this is where the two layers of fabric we mentioned earlier, make all the difference.

The two fabrics create a distinct honeycomb layer that simultaneously retains and reflects heat.

Sonnette blind honeycomb vane close up

The sonnette’s vanes has a unique honeycomb shape which gives it such excellent insulation properties.

It does this by trapping a layer of air within the blind’s honeycomb cell design. Which in turn, reduces heat loss through your windows.

This same structure also works well in the summer months too. Diffusing UV light and reflecting heat, ultimately keeping your home lovely and cool.

Where Can I Put Them?

The good news is that sonnette blinds will fit well in most windows.

Perfectly matching regular windows, shaped windows, bay windows, and patio doors, around the home.

Sonnette shades on doors

Sonnettes can be fitted to doors and windows.

This means you can easily coordinate a universal look throughout your home with sonnette blinds.

There are also two fabric opacities to choose from, semi-opaque and room darkening. This gives the sonnette a greater versatility for practical use in different room types around your home.

Why Should You Consider Them For Your Home

As a made-to-measure product, sonnette shades are a very personal choice. Made to your exact requirements, they are tailored to your precise needs.

Not only that but as previously mentioned, sonnettes are truly versatile in application too. Working well around the home and providing a distinct stylish look throughout your living spaces.

Practical wise, they work considerably well throughout the year, responding efficiently in both the warm and cold months.

This is a truly excellent blind model to invest in!

Find Out More Information

Now you should have an idea of what sonnette shades are and more importantly if they are right for you!

Sonnette blind in contemporary office space windows

Transform your living spaces with the sonnette.

If you are interested in sonnettes, contact us to learn more! Or visit our showroom to test our sonnette display!

Thanks for reading!