Sonnette Shades in contemporary office windows

Sonnette Shades: Everything You Need To Know

Sonnette shades are the fresh new look for your windows in 2021.

But what separates this blind model from others in a very crowded market?

Simply put, the sonnette delivers on multiple fronts. Style, light control, privacy AND insulation.

Its this multi-level combination of design and innovation, that makes it such a gamechanger for home shading.

If that sounds intriguing, the good news is that we will be explaining everything there is to know about the sonnette in this guide.

Stick with us to learn:

  • What sonnette blinds are.
  • How they work.
  • What type of spaces they are best suited for.
  • And why you should consider them over other blinds for your home.

So, shall we begin?

What Are Sonnette Shades Exactly?

Sonnette blinds are a brand new type of roller blind model. But unlike standard roller blinds, it uses two layers of fabric.

See what we mean below.

Sonnette Blinds pulled down in window

Sonnette Blind in situ

Now this unique aesthetic of soft contour fabrics, gives the sonnette a dimensional beauty. Which when combined with the soft glow of natural light, creates an unparalleled elegance.

With such style, how does this blind work?

How Do They Work?

The sonnette operates much like a standard roller blind. Moving up and down in the same way. It can also be chain operated or powered, depending on your preference.

As for the insulation side of things, this is where the two layers of fabric makes all the difference.

The two fabrics create a distinct honeycomb layer that simultaneously retains and reflects heat.

Sonnette blind honeycomb vane close up

The sonnette’s vanes has a unique shape which gives it such excellent insulation properties.

It does this by diffusing the light as it passes through the blind vanes.

As for retaining heat, these same vanes also trap air particles. Allowing your rooms to retain heat.

Just in case you were concerned about the amount of light let in by the sonnette, it has two fabric opacities to choose from, semi-opaque and room darkening.

Where Can I Put Them?

Sonnette blinds will fit in most windows. However, unlike some blinds, they can also be fitted to doors too.

Sonnette shades on doors

Sonnettes can be fitted to doors and windows.

This means you can easily coordinate a universal look throughout your home. Another reason why the sonnette works so well over other models.

Why Should You Consider Them For Your Home

The best aspect of sonnette shades is that they work all year round.

But what does that mean exactly?

Well, because of its unique cellular structure, the sonnette can insulate your home in the Winter and cools it down in the summer. Hence its suitability for all seasons.

It also means that these are super energy efficient blinds. Not only a must for anyone looking to save money on energy bills but also the environmentally conscious!

Find Out More Information

Now you should have an idea of what sonnette shades are like, you may also have an idea if they are right for you too.

Sonnette blind in contemporary office space windows

Transform your living spaces with the sonnette.

If you are interested in sonnettes contact us to learn more! Or visit our showroom to test our sonnette display!

Thanks for reading!