Home Automation for your Windows

Imagine being woken up by your curtains drawing themselves?

Or being able to raise your blinds while you’re on holiday?

Well this is becoming a real possibility with Somfy Home Automation!

Somfy Blind with Tahoma Remote Control

You may have noticed a reoccurring theme of Home Automation, with particular mention to the Luxaflex PowerView Motorization, well Aspect Window Styling is very excited to continue our journey and are proud to announce the arrival of the new Somy Tahoma Home Automation System to our showroom.

You may have seen our Somfy smart blinds advert in the Bath life magazine, if not see a preview below.

So lets find out a little more about Somfy home automation below!

Somfy Tahoma

Somfy Tahoma is the smart box at the centre of Somfy Smart Home that helps control your home’s automation system.

The smart hub works with your wireless service to enable full control of your home whenever you need it.

Remote Control

As well as synching with your wireless, each compatible Somfy product includes a manual remote option. Remotes can be attached to a wall in your home or are also available in a portable version. The remote is a small sleek design fitting in with most contemporary interiors.

Tahoma App

The Tahoma smart box is able to link with your smart phone and tablet via the Tahoma Smart App. Easily installed and most importantly, easy to use you will have complete control over your home in no time at all!

The truly brilliant thing about the app, is that you can control your blinds wherever you are at any time.

Control your blinds wherever you go

As long as you can log into your smart phone or connect to a wireless network you can control you blinds and curtains anywhere!

As I’m sure you can agree,

this is a big help especially if you are away on holiday and have that feeling you may have forgotten something!

Its also a fantastic security option, making your home seem lived in even when you’re not there.

A real comfort!

Set your own Scenarios

Of course not everyone will need real time access all the time, but you can setup schedules for your blinds and curtains in advance to suit you.

The Somfy Tahoma app allows you to create a real time plan for your week.

If you like to be woken up early morning, then set your blinds to open with the morning sunrise.

If you know you’re working late one day next week then set your app calendar to adjust and have your curtains close before you get home.

Its a really intuitive option to have!

Somfy Home Automation with Blinds and curtains

While the Tahoma system can work for your entire house we are particularly interested in what it can do for your blinds and curtains.

Tahoma allows you to have complete control over all of your window furnishings and you can use Somfy Tahoma with lots of styles of blinds!

While choosing a Somy home automation option is preferred, in a lot of cases we can retro fit the home automation motor within existing blinds.

If you are thinking of using Tahoma with curtains these can be added to electronic tracks!

Somfy Tahoma is not just a product its a lifestyle one we hope suits your needs!

This is smart living with Somfy!

If you are interested in Somy Tahoma, remote access blinds and curtains or would like to know more about home automation then please contact us or visit our showroom!