Portchester Security Shutters living room window

Home Security Shutters: Why They Are Not What You Think

If you picture security shutters, what do you think of?

Shop roller shutters?

Ugly industrial products?

Well this isn’t exactly accurate anymore.

The S-Craft Portchester shutter range is quite literally changing how we view and use security shutters. Offering a completely fresh perspective on home security.

Portchester shutters in living room window.

Not what you expected? Security shutters are a great modern home security option for your home.

So lets discover how!

What Are Security Shutters?

Security shutters are a home security product that look and operate similarly to regular plantation shutters.

What really separates them from other shutter ranges though, is their discreet security features.

Portchester Security Shutters in contemporary kitchen window

Can you identify the subtle security features on these shutters?

Instead of unsightly burglar deterrents, such as roller shutters or grills, the S-Craft Portchester aluminium shutters range provides an elegant and versatile security option. Presenting the best of both worlds.

How Do They Work?

Now you may be wondering how do these shutters operate?

Its actually very simple.

They use a lock and key system. So there is no need to remember a long code for an elaborate security system, its just practical security. Pure and Simple.

Security shutters key and lock closeup

Style under lock and key

But if that sounds too simple, let us reassure you. It isn’t.

While the shutter operation is indeed straightforward, inside the shutter a lot of things are happening. The Portchester range uses an innovative patented Italian locking system.

Portchester shutter diagram

So when the key is turned, it moves both the top and bottom locking bolts on the shutter panel simultaneously into a rigid, tamper-proof aluminium frame. Ultimately preventing intruders from breaking in.

Do They Really Work?

OK, so we now know how they work but do they really work?

Yes. And here’s why.

The Portchester line was originally designed in South Africa, where home security is paramount. The design is tried and true, and CE quality certified. Which means they are an extremely high quality product.

They are also seriously strong.

In fact, they are made with architectural strength grade aluminium, and can withstand the highest degrees of resistance.

Aluminium frame Portchester shutter range

Portchester Shutters are made with aluminium to ensure their durability.

The panels cannot be removed from the channels when locked either.

Need more convincing? Just take a look at this official durability test below.

Be assured, once in your home, they will definitely work.

Why Should You Invest In Security Shutters?

If you feel your home is secure enough already, that’s great to hear!

But hear us out.

Peace of mind is difficult to achieve. But burglar-proofing your home will help.

Look at the Portchester shutter range as a compliment to your home’s security. They look great and will fit in with your home design. But they will also provide pragmatic security, that you didn’t know you needed.

Portchester Shutters in neutral living room window

Portchester shutters look great and work well in any interior.

Just imagine the Summer nights wanting to have your window open but worried about being safe. With these secure shutters in place and locked, you can have your window open all night to enjoy the fresh breeze. Sleeping soundly knowing you are full protected and safe.

They are low maintenance too, and of course, very easy to clean.

What Shutter Styles Are Available?

The great news is that the Portchester range is available for the most popular styles of shutter. This includes full height, and tier on tier.

Which means you don’t have to compromise on the look for security.

Aluminium shutters in kitchen window

Invest in this stylish security option with the Portchester Range.

How To Invest In Security For Your Home

Remember you deserve to feel secure in your home.

So if you are interested in what the Portchester shutter range can do for you, why not contact us!

We can provide more information on the range including detailed specifications for the lock system and examples. As well as a free non-obligation quote for your home!

Thanks for reading.