Reflection Roller Blinds Collection Explained.

Reflections Roller Blind Collection

Browse the brand new Reflections collection sample book available in the our showroom.

Timeless Fabric Styles

Reflections offers a wide range of fabrics and trims to match any living space.

Floral Fabric Patterns

Taking influence from botanical trends, The Reflection collection makes us of traditional and contemporary floral patterns.

Blackout Fabric Options

Blackout fabric options are available in a number of colours and patterns.

Introducing the brand new Reflection roller blinds Collection. We are very pleased to announce the addition of this brand new blinds collection from Luxaflex to our showroom in Bath.

Read all about the Reflection Collection below.


What is Reflection?

The Reflection Collection is a brand new series of roller blinds taking inspiration from the latest botanical and texture trends. Reflection uses these influences to present a truly stunning series of beautiful fabric designs filled with colour and texture. Fabric styles in the collection include standard, transparent and blackout fabric options to suit your room’s requirements.

This collection also comes with one of the shiniest sample books we have in the showroom so it is easily spotted and great fun to browse through!

Timeless Fabrics

We appreciate how important picking the right fabric is for your home. We feel the Reflection Collection has really taken note of this and offer a complete versatile range of fabrics that lets you determine the use of natural light in any living space.

For anyone wanting to maintain a good amount of light in their room, Reflection uses transparent fabrics in a number of their designs. This balances light and privacy to reconnect the feeling of indoor and outdoor living spaces.

The collections also includes blackout designs in a range of muted and vibrant colours to prevent unnecessary glare, and as a bedroom roller blind ensure a good night’s sleep!

Reflection’s botanical influences shine through their wonderful floral designs. They utilise soft greens and blues to create understated tones through their floral patterns and prints allowing nature back into the home.

Texture is also a key element of the fabric in the Reflection Collection. It offers depth to the designs including the use of two tone patterns, and helps each fabric make their own personal statement.

Why Roller Blinds?

Roller blinds are a classic product and considered to be very robust and reliable, so much so that Luxaflex offer a 5 year guarantee on all of the blinds in this collection.

Roller blinds are very versatile too, as they suit both work and home environments.

All of the roller blinds in this collection are also compatible with the PowerView® home automation system allowing you greater remote control of the blinds in your home.

Want more information?

If you are would like to know more about the Reflection roller blind Collection you can contact us, visit us at our showroom in Bath and browse the shiny sample book!

You can also find more about blinds from Aspect on our Blinds product page.

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