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A Quick And Simple Guide To PowerView® Motorised Blinds Gen 2

PowerView® Motorised Blinds Gen 2 is now here. The Luxaflex electric blinds system has lots of new and improved features, including Home Automation capability, to enhance your overall user experience.

So, why is this so exciting?


Home Automation is the Future

Simply put, Home automation is the future. Its an industry that continues to grow and grow in popularity and prominence in our everyday lives. If you look around your home or on your phone, you will almost certainly have some kind of home automation app at the ready.

So, with all of these appliances now eligible for Home Automation, why not blinds?

Well, the interior design industry agrees. The renowned premium blind supplier Luxaflex, have pioneered remote operated electric blinds for years. And now we are pleased to announce the arrival of PowerView® Gen 2 with home automation capability.

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Electric blinds are here to simplify your life!

PowerView® Motorised Blinds The Future is Here

PowerView® already allows you to operate your electric blinds with a remote. So what is new with Gen 2?

And more importantly what has been improved?

New PowerView® Hub

Lets begin looking at the PowerView® hub. The previous hub model was not versatile. It had to be plugged directly into your router and genuinely was not convenient. But the new hub is totally wireless. No more dangling from the router. Instead the hub can be placed anywhere around the home.

PowerView® pebble with white shell and black controls

Control your blinds at the press of a stylish button.

The new hub has a much faster processing speed too. This means quicker operation and general smoother user experience.

It also has a sleek modern new look. Not unlike modern Apple devices, it has a smooth white aesthetic that will go with any decor.

Advanced WiFi Capability

Is there anything more irritating than losing WiFi?

Well good news, Gen 2 address this problem directly with new PowerView® Repeaters. These are small plugin devices, designed to boost the PowerView® hub and WiFi signal around your home. Literally, just plug them wherever you need them and enjoy the boosted signal.

The PowerView® Repeaters also have a unique quirky function; Day and Night lighting options. This new feature allows the Repeater to provide a gentle calming glow and let you know everything is working properly. If you would prefer no light, then it is also very easy to access and adjust the illumination option at any time.

All PowerView® Repeaters are sold separately and are a very welcome new addition to the set!

Home Automation Capability with Alexa/ Google Home / Nest

So, now about PowerView® and Home Automation. PowerView® Automation upgrade is now able to communicate with home automation systems.

As I’m sure you will agree, this is a massive step up for electric blinds. But which systems can it communicate with?

PowerView® can now be used with Alexa, Google Home, Nest and many other home automation systems.

So if you have a preferred home system, you can easily integrate your electric blinds to it.

Amazon Alexa logo, Google Assistant logo and other home automation logos

Electric blinds compatible with home automation systems

In case you are wondering, it also means you can control your blinds with voice recognition software. Depending on the system, you can tell your blinds to open and close, whenever you want. The compatibility and setup for this is very straightforward too with detailed instructions available online.

Improved PowerView® Mobile App

If we are honest, the first PowerView® app was a little temperamental. However Gen 2 updates the PowerView® mobile app with a clear focus on improved user experience.

You can now create specific room scenes and set personalised blind schedules on your smartphone and tablet. The overall process has been streamlined here too with an emphasis on user friendly controls. For example, the PowerView® app will now automatically recognise your blind’s model type and will cater the controls to suit the unique operation too.

The best thing about the new PowerView® mobile app is that it does all the work for you. Once you have set your unique room scenes and blind schedules you can let the app discreetly open and close your blinds without needing to prompt it. The app and all its features can also be accessed anywhere and anytime.

New Pebble® Features and Colours

The pebble remote has lots of new unique features including a favourites button that when pressed will automatically set your blinds to your preferred position. There are also lots of new pebble colours to choose from. With 10 colours in total, including Night, Poppy, and Cobalt, its even easier to pick a pebble that suits you!


Interested in PowerView® Motorisation for your home?

We are very excited about the potential of Luxaflex PowerView® Home automation Gen 2. It is a wonderful system that simply is the future of interior design.

If you are interested in having PowerView® for your home please contact us. You can also visit our showroom to speak to our PowerView® technical experts and to test our PowerView® displays!

Thanks for reading!

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Join the Home Automation Revolution today with PowerView®!