PowerView® App

The PowerView® app is available to use across multiple platforms.

PowerView® Blind Styles

PowerView® is compatible with lots of different blind styles including the Pirouette blind (pictured).

Schedule your Blinds

PowerView® lets you create schedules for your blinds that suit your home’s needs .

PowerView® Hub

The new PowerView® Hub improves performance delivering a faster and more efficient service.

PowerView® Pebble Remote

The PowerView® pebble in combination with the mobile app offers precise operation over your blinds.

PowerView® Bath Life

Spot our PowerView® advert in Bath Life Mag!

Discover the PowerView® Mobile app and enjoy total access to the PowerView® blinds in your home anytime and anywhere. 

PowerView mobile app information

PowerView® Mobile App

The PowerView® mobile app is available with all Luxaflex PowerView® Motorised blinds. After a PowerView® blind and PowerView® hub are installed in your home, the app can be downloaded absolutely free via the app store. The app is available on lots of different devices including iPhones, iPads and Android devices to suit your preference.

What does the PowerView® Mobile App do?

The app lets you raise, lower, open or close your blinds at anytime. You can select one or all of the PowerView® blinds in your home on the app and simply swipe to operate. The app displays an image of the selected blind or blinds on your screen. This is so you can see the current position of the blind and decide how you would like to adjust it.

The app handily keeps track of your PowerView® blinds by sorting them into different living spaces e.g. ‘living room’, ‘ kitchen’ ect. It will then set the blind type within each space, and provides a unique control screen for that blind.

Once set up, the PowerView® mobile app lets you create and set personalised schedules for the blinds in each room. The schedules will run daily without prompting and all schedules can be altered at anytime via the app. This is especially handy if your plans change!

Control Your Blinds Remotely

The app connects to your Wi-Fi via the PowerView® hub but you can also use it remotely too. As long as the app can connect to the internet and your hub connection is uninterrupted you can operate your blinds anywhere.

This is really convenient especially if you are delayed getting home or on holiday, providing piece of mind when you need it most.

Connect Your Blinds to Alexa and Google Nest

The PowerView® Mobile app is now fully compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Nest and many other home automation systems. This also means PowerView® can integrate with voice recognition software, letting you talk to your blinds directly!

New PowerView® Hub

Other significant updates to the system include the new PowerView® gen 2 hub. Introduced last year, the new hub runs at a much faster processing speed, improving the overall user experience. It also has a sleek and elegant design that is much more contemporary the previous hub.

Pebble® Remote

In case you were wondering what other control features are available with PowerView® Motorisation, it also comes with a Pebble® remote. The remote works in tandem with the app to give you greater control options.

The Pebble® has a stylish and intuitive design that fits any aesthetic and allows you to set your blinds by simply pressing a button. There are lots of pebble colours to choose from including snow, night, lime and cobalt, so you can pick a pebble that suits you!

Want PowerView® Motorisation for your home?

If you are interested in having PowerView® or would like to know more about the specific features such as the PowerView® mobile app for your home please contact us.

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