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The PowerView® Mobile App Will Improve Your Home Life – Here’s How

Powerview mobile app information

PowerView the electric blinds app to transform your home

Have you ever wanted to better control the light and privacy in your home?

It can seem like an impossible to get exactly right. But there is now an easy way to organise the blinds in your home.

The PowerView® mobile app is here and waiting to help.

Lets find out how!

What is the PowerView® Mobile App ? 

So the PowerView® mobile app is a brand new app that lets you control your blinds directly from your phone or tablet.

PowerView Mobile app display on tablet and mobile devices

The PowerView app is available on multiple devices including mobile and tablet devices.

Its part of the motorised blinds system PowerView® and can be used on lots of different devices including iPhones, iPads and Android phones.

What Does The PowerView® Mobile App Do?

OK, so the app has a multitude of control options. But most importantly, it lets you raise, lower, open or close your blinds. Anytime, anywhere.

PowerView mobile being used in situ

As I’m sure you will agree, this is a big help!

But if like most of us you have more than one blind in your home, will it work for all of them at once?


You can easily select individual blinds or all of the blinds in your home. Simply swipe to operate. It really is as easy as that!

To avoid any confusion, the app handily keeps track of your PowerView® blinds by sorting them into different living spaces e.g. ‘living room’, ‘ kitchen’ ect. It will then set the blind type within each space, and provides a unique control screen for that blind.

Once set up, the PowerView® mobile app lets you create and set personalised schedules for the blinds in each room. These schedules will run daily without prompting. But if your plans change, don’t worry, as all schedules can be altered at anytime via the app.

Why Should You Download The App?

So we now we know how the system works why do you need it?

Simply put, home automation is the future. Apps like the PowerView® mobile app, are already a big part of our lives and really improve our day to day living.

This app in particular is super convenient. It is really easy to use. Can be accessed anywhere. And will slot into your lifestyle.

Just look at this as an investment in the future.

PowerView silhouette blind in living room

Modern convenience for modern living.

Its also fully compatible with home automation systems such as Alexa and Google Home. Which means you can even use voice recognition software to operate your blinds.

How To Download The App

If you are interested in getting the app for your blinds, here’s how to get it!

Now, as the app is part of the PowerView system you will need to have it already installed in your home to begin. Once in place, you can just access the app from the app store for free. From here its all very straightforward.

After downloading, it will automatically connect to your Wi-Fi via the PowerView® hub. Which will be supplied and setup with the PowerView system installation.

PowerView gen 2 hub

The Gen 2 Hub works in tandem with the app to let you get started right away!

And you are ready to go!

Want PowerView® Motorisation For Your Home?

If you are interested in having PowerView® or would like to know more about the specific features such as the PowerView® mobile app for your home please contact us. We will help you unlock your home’s future!

Thanks for reading!