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5 Things No One Will Tell You About Owning Plantation Shutters

Considering plantation shutters for your home?

If yes, that’s great!

However, before you invest there are some essential things you should know about owning shutters.

Luckily, from our years of experience in selling shutters we know exactly what they are. And in this post we will uncover the top 5 things no one will tell you about owning plantation shutters. This includes:

  1. Not Off The Shelf – A Made To Measure Product
  2. Quality Product And Quality Assurance – What You Need To Know
  3. Maintenance And Operation – Tips And Tricks
  4. Warranty – Key Questions To Ask
  5. Committed To Sustainability – Sustainable Forestry

Lets begin!

1. Not Off The Shelf

All plantation shutters are custom made.

If you were hoping to walk away with a shutter kit today, that won’t be possible.

Instead you will need to contact a verified shutter supplier.

Now, this may sound like a hassle. But by doing this, they will be the one-stop shop to measure, supply and fit your shutters. And by using an official supplier you will be able to access the best shutter models on the market.

The shutter supplier should know their stuff too and will be happy to help. In fact, they are the perfect people to answer any questions you may have about shutters. Anything from style to operation.

So ask away!

Full height Plantation shutters

Enjoy shutters through a verified supplier!

If you find yourself unconvinced by the made-to-measure nature of shutters, here is another way of looking at it.

By purchasing shutters you are committing to a personalised product, specifically designed to suit your home for years. And it is exactly this unique timeless appeal that really separates shutters from other window furnishing products.

2. Quality Product and Quality Assurance

Shutter quality is obviously very important. We personally assure all of our shutters are of the highest standard.

However there are some parts of shutter manufacturing process that you might not be aware of. And these are actually pretty important to the entire process!

carpentry work

The quirks and quality in the shutter manufacturing process

For example, did you know the shutter wood that makes up the foundation of your shutters is cut and stored for 6 months?

Not what you might expect.

But why does it take this long?

Well, this period allows the wood to settle. From here it can be be dried in a controlled facility before being sent to manufacturing.

Just to note too, the drying process is set to the specifications of the destined country. Which in turn, reduces the chance of the shutter frame warping or twisting at any point.

Holding the shutter tilt rods together are the staples. But again these are not your standard staples. Instead they are marine grade stainless steel staples. Which when combined with a bonding agent, will guarantee your shutters stay firm and robust for years.

If you are worried about paint chipping or fading, then you should really know about this next bit too.

S-Craft applies 6 coats of paint to their shutters, and the final layer is UV protected. Which simply means your shutters are less susceptible to fading and yellowing.

Rest assured all shutters are premium products!

3. Maintenance And Operation

Once you have had your lovely shutters installed in your home, there is one thing probably not on your mind at this point. And that is shutter maintenance.

Now, we don’t mean tightening screws or oiling hinges but more general maintenance.

Like all things in the house, shutters will collect dust. All this will require is regular dusting with a standard cloth. Though avoid using liquid cleaner, as this may damage the finish.

Sounds straightforward. And it is, but don’t put it off. The build of dust residue and dirt is not ideal for your shutters, plus you should be able to enjoy clean shutters!

Something else we should really mention is advice on operation.

Now don’t get us wrong, shutters are sturdy products and will last years without issues but they do require TLC in their own way.

Firstly be gentle with your shutter louvres. They are strong but also likely to be damaged if frequently misused. 

But what exactly do we mean by this?

Plantation shutter louvres close up

Shutter Louvres are robust but do require maintenance.

OK, so when you are opening your shutters, simply open the louvre from the middle. Anywhere else and you are actually putting pressure on louvre joints which can lead to expensive breaks.

Don’t keep your shutter panels open for long periods of time either. This may sound counterintuitive but they are actually designed to be closed. By all means open them for more light but try to limit this whenever possible to avoid putting excess pressure on the frame.

One thing we would say here, is to make sure shutters meet your expectations before purchasing!

4. Warranty And Key Questions To Ask

Something that isn’t always obvious or you may not be told about, is that shutters have a warranty period.

Companies like S-Craft, will offer this for all their shutter models. Though this can vary between model options.

It simply means that if there is an issue with your shutters, whatever it may be, your supplier will most likely be able to fix it within the warranty. With each supplier able to access a manufacturer’s warranty against structural defects, hardware, colour fastness and stainless steel hardware.

One thing we are asked about frequently is if we can get replacement louvres. As previously mentioned, these can break with constant misuse or unforeseen damages. Things like this are actually really straightforward to reorder and can be with you in no time at all.

Hopefully this all sounds reassuring!

But remember its worth clarifying on point of purchase what your rights are.

At Aspect Window Styling, we love our shutter products and want you to as well. So we are more than happy to help with any issues that may arise.

5. Committed To Sustainability

Did you know that our plantation shutters are actually sustainable?

Here’s how.

All of the wood used to make up the wooden shutters are from managed forests. These are sustainable forests that maintain a balance between ecological, economic and socio-cultural factors. So for example, every tree felled a new tree is planted.

White teak timber forest Solomon Islands for plantation shutters

The shutter factory has formed a joint venture with the Solomon Island Government to source premium White Teak timber with sustainable forest management. The forest is well maintained. And be assured that your shutters are only created with sustainable practice. This excellent news going forward.

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Why not invest in plantation shutters for your home?

Hopefully you have discovered something new about shutters!

If you are feeling excited about shutters in your home, then why not contact us for more information.

You can also read more about our shutters in our shutter section or visit our showroom in the New Year to look at our displays and to discuss options for your home!

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