Ombre blinds with grey gradient

Ombre Blinds: 6 Mistakes To Avoid When Decorating With Ombre

Ombre blinds are super trendy right now.

Have you seen them?

They look great, and have become a very popular look for modern interiors. Just take a look for yourself.

Ombre duette blind with grey gradient

The Ombre trend remains ever popular

They really are stunning.

Recently, we have seen a real uptake in interest in Ombre blinds. And its a trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing up either.

However there are certain mistakes customers repeatedly make when deciding to decorate with Ombre.

Luckily, we have identified the top 6 common mistakes made when using Ombre design and how best to steer clear of them.

So lets begin!

1. Avoid Complicating Your Ombre Design

Interesting fact, Ombre actually means ‘shaded’ in French.

It sounds pretty simple when you think about it.

And it really is.

With that sentiment in mind, keep your Ombre decorating simple too.

Ombre blinds with light blue gradient neutral living room

Ombre blinds work best when things are straightforward.

Easier said than done when it comes to making design choices, trust us we know. But try to think of Ombre in its basic form, two colours blending together. As when you strip it back like this, design decisions suddenly don’t seem so hard to make and ideas will flow.

That’s not to say this look isn’t sophisticated, but more that its all too easy to overthink things. So pick your colours and embrace the simplicity of it all.

2. Avoid Overbearing Colours

We like to describe Ombre blinds as a gentle blending of one shade to another.

The emphasis should be on gentle. A subtle drama if you will.

Pink ombre colour gradient sample

Keep your Ombre colours calm for a greater effect

The two colours you pick for your Ombre design should work effortlessly with the natural light in your home.

Again easier said than done.

Ombre blinds with neutral home design

Ombre blinds should be calming not overwhelming

Here fabric samples can make a huge difference when deciding on an Ombre colour scheme. They are often free so don’t quibble over using them.

Another thing to be aware of is the blind model and fabric translucency you decide on. As light will hit the Ombre colours differently than regular fabric designs. For example, if the colours are too stark you can risk overwhelming your room with garish hue.

Colour is of course subjective, so make sure your colour choice always works in your favour. If you need tips our blog on using colour in your home design may be useful too!

3. But Don’t Be Afraid Of Broad Strokes

Although strong colour may be out, broad strokes are not.

But what do we mean by ‘broad strokes’?

Well, this is still an Ombre style but the fade between colours is more obvious. See exactly what we mean below.

Ombre roller blinds with nautical theme blue in contemporary living room window

Consider broad strokes for your Ombre design

Its definitely for the bolder look, but this same prominence can also become a true centralised feature in your home design. So don’t rule out this option!

4. Avoid Confusing Light and Dark On Your Ombre Blinds

Ombre is a type of gradient that is unique in it’s light-to-dark nature.

With this in mind, the dark colour should be at the base of the fabric and light at the top.

This may seem obvious, but don’t worry if it isn’t.

Ombre venetian blinds in large kitchen window

Always keep the darker shade at the base – it works!

We have experienced suggestions to alternate the colour pathways, but in practice, this rarely works.

Like we said earlier, its keeping things simple that make the Ombre style work so effectively.

5. Don’t Limit Your Ombre Design

Ombre comes in many forms.

While our forte is in window furnishings and we think when used right Ombre blinds can truly transform your home, it can also be applied in many other ways elsewhere in the home.

Ombre colour scheme wall painting

Don’t avoid using Ombre throughout your home.

Why not consider an Ombre paint scheme for your walls or even furniture. Both of these options can be very effective and will create a harmonious style within your living space.

Don’t limit yourself to one part of the house either. Each room is an important part of your overall home design. Experiment and have fun!

6. Avoid Indecision – Decide What is Right For You

Ombre should be a big style story for your home, that reflects and enhances your lifestyle.

So don’t get stuck with indecision.

Take your time but go with what feels right. You won’t regret choosing Ombre.

Contact Us About Ombre Blinds

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We can provide more tips on how to apply Ombre style in your home, ranges we like and of course complimentary fabric samples.

Good luck with your Ombre journey!

Thanks for reading.