Markilux MX-3 Cassette Awning: Why They Are No. 1 On The Market.

Would you like to have an awning for your home this year but not sure where to begin?

If you would like a head start in your search, then look no further than the Markilux MX-3 cassette awning.

So what separates it from all the other awning models out there?

Glad you asked, lets find out below!

Why Choose the Markilux MX-3 Cassette Awning?

So what separates the MX-3 awning from other options?

Well for starters, it masterfully combines innovative aesthetics with technical efficiency.

Most awnings will lean more into look or function but the MX-3 uses the absolute best of both worlds to create a very special product.

So what do we mean when we say innovative design?

Innovative Design

This specifically refers to the MX-3’s smooth cassette profile.

Now this may not sound so impressive at first, but if you even glance at the MX-3 you will immediately notice how good it looks.

Just take a look below!

Markilux MX-3 Cassette awning with yellow fabric extended over garden patio

The MX-3 utilises a smooth shapely profile design.

Its design is much less ‘blocky’ than traditional awnings. Instead it uses shapely curves and clean lines to accentuate your home’s architecture.

So it looks great but how does it work?

Technical Superiority

Now if you are looking at awnings the company Markilux should be top of your list. Based in Germany, Markilux are renowned shade specialists, that utilise cutting edge technology and German engineering to produce the most efficient and reliable awnings on the market today.

Of course, the MX-3 is no exception.

It has incredibly slick automation, superb remote control features and robust mechanisms that make it a real pleasure to use.

When fully extended the MX-3 provides stylish UV protection that regulates climate and creates a comfortable extension of your home.

It can also be fully retracted when not in use, sealing the fabric roll and arms from view. So you can maintain minimal architectural impact.

The MX-3 Has Customizable Options

If you were looking for a personal touch on your MX-3, the great news is you can!

There are numerous options you can add to enhance the MX-3 even further. This includes LED lighting, specialist fabric and colours.

MX-3 cassette awning with LED lighting extended over garden patio in early evening

Customize your MX-3 to suit your needs.

Discover more awning accessories in our full guide.

Extensive Colour Range

Choosing the right colour is essential when picking an awning for your home.

Luckily, the MX-3 has lots of exciting fabric colours including:

  • Sulphur Yellow
  • Red Orange
  • Purple Violet
  • Traffic Red
  • Yellow Green
  • Pearl White
  • Pearl Mouse Grey
  • Agate Grey.
MX-3 Cassette Awning fabric colour choices.

MX-3 colour options

The MX-3 awning frames do come with the standard metallic colours but will compliment any of the above.

Why not infuse your awning with a bold colour to reflect your style and home.

Awning Technical Details

OK so if you are intrigued by what the MX-3 can do for your home, here are some helpful specifications to think about first.

Compact Cover Cassette Measurements:

12cm (Height) x 23cm (Width)

Awning measurements:

600cm (Width) x 300cm (Projection)

Greater Projection Measurements:

500cm (Width) x 350cm (Projection)

How To Buy The Markilux MX-3 Cassette Awning

If you would like to know more about the MX-3 awning or other awning models you can contact us. We provide a full design, measuring and fitting service.

Thanks for reading!