Markilux MX-2 Awning extended over garden patio

An In-Depth Guide To The MX-2 Awning: Everything You Need To Know.

Are you considering outdoor shading options for your home?

But want something a little more minimalist in style?

Then look no further than the MX-2 awning!

But what exactly makes the MX-2 model so special?

Let’s find out!

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  1. Minimalist Design
  2. Superb Functionality
  3. Flush Connection
  4. Room For Individual Modification
  5. MX-2 Colours And Style

Minimalist Design

One thing that immediately separates the MX-2 from other awning models, is its minimalist design.

MX-2 Model with fine green frame colour

The MX-2 offers a sleek approach to outdoor shading.

Awning manufacturer Markilux, prioritised a minimal approach for the MX-2. Presenting cleaner lines that give the awning a much slimmer, more harmonious look.

Keeping things simple also gives the MX-2 a great degree of flexibility in its application. As it can seamlessly match with any architectural requirements.

MX-2 extended over wooden decking

Enjoy seamless integration between the MX-2 and your home’s architecture.

The end result is a fascinating shape, that feels both organic and modern.

So, it looks stunning, but how well does it work?

Superb Functionality

Made in Germany, MX-2 employs state of the art engineering technology, to deliver a very efficient user experience.

MX-2 Awning model extending from cassette

MX-2 is state of the art shading option.

As for shade qualities, MX-2 fabric uses SPF 50+ UV protection. Which when combined with its maximum projection of 600cm (H) x 300cm (W), will keep you safe and comfortable outside throughout summer.

In case of rain, the MX-2 is equipped with a rain gutter. Here the rain quickly runs off of the awning canopy and into the gutter.

MX-2 rain gutter feature on awning profile.

Caught in the rain? Don’t worry, any rain is caught by the MX-2’s built in rain gutter.

The excess water then conveniently runs off to the side of the awning profile, through a very handy rain drain.

MX-2 rain drain feature on awning profile

Watch as rain efficiently drains away from your awning experience.

And in case you were wondering, it works well in wind too. Featuring an integrated lock system that allows the MX-2 to operate safely in wind speeds of up to 20mph.

Flush Connection

Another big appeal of the MX-2 awning, is its slick ability to hide away when not in use.

So what does this look like?

MX-2 awning installation over wooden decking with the cassette fully closed.

When fully closed the MX-2 sits unobtrusively flush to the building.

This flush connection, allows the MX-2 to slot away very neatly. Which also fits in with its overall minimalist aesthetic.

Room For Individual Modification

As with other Markliux awnings, the MX-2 is available for personalised modification.

This includes LED lighting, infra-red heating and wind sensor.

All of which can easily be added to the MX-2 to truly complete your outdoor experience.

MX-2 Awning Colour and Style

As you might expect, the MX-2 is available in the standard Markilux frame colours.

MX-2 Awning Frame in Space Metallic Blue colour

Enjoy stylish shade with the MX-2 awning

But as part of Markilux’s 50th anniversary celebrations in 2022, the MX-2 is also available in the five special “High Five” colours.‎ Which include concept black, space blue metallic, fine green, new champagne metallic and real silver metal.

Markilux 50th Anniversary High Five Colour swatches on MX-2 Awning

Discover a wide selection of frame and fabric colours including the Markilux anniversary colours.

Making it even easier to discover your preferred style with the MX-2 awning.

How To Find Out More

As you can see, the MX-2 is an exciting new awning model to consider for your home.

It not only balances on-trend contemporary minimalist design with superb function, but also works well with almost any property type.

If you want to learn more about the MX-2, you can contact us directly.

With some rough sizes, we can give you a rough quote immediately.

You can also visit our showroom to look at our awning displays!

Thanks for reading!