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5 Facts No One Will Tell You About Made To Measure Blinds

Are you interested in made to measure blinds for your home?

If so, trust us, you won’t regret it.

They are a completely personalised product that will suit any home design.

Made to measure roller blinds in living room window

Choose custom made blinds for that personal feel around your home.

However before you make that all important purchase, there are some essential facts about this style of blind that no one ever mentions and you should really know about.

Luckily, from our years of experience, we have put together the 5 top facts no one will tell you about made to measure blinds.

Have a read and see how many you already knew, or didn’t!

Let’s begin!

1. High Quality Products But…

Firstly, lets start by pointing out that any made to measure product will be high quality.

Its a certified fact.

This may seem an obvious fact to begin with, but from our experience of selling custom blinds, you can never stress enough how much better quality they are over non-custom models.

So whichever made to measure shade option you are looking at, be assured its going to be made to the highest standard.

venetian blind in kitchen window behind sink

MTM blinds have superb quality and great practical use around the home.

So where does the ‘but‘ come in?

Well, with higher quality must also come time and expense.

Its inevitable.

And that brings us on to the next point.

2. You’re Going To Need A Bigger Budget

This may also come as no surprise, but a made to measure product will be an expensive option.

No matter how you look at it, a customised product of any kind will simply incur a bigger cost.

That said, lets look at this from a different perspective.

You are investing in a product that fits your windows exactly. Something an off the shelf product could never truly do. Blinds benefit from this especially, as even a millimetre out can make a huge difference in the efficiency of light and privacy in your room.

So, yes it will be expensive but remember, its a long term investment for your home.

And when you look it at it like that, planning a bigger budget doesn’t seem so unreasonable.

3. MTM Blinds Open Up A World of Possibilities

Now a big upside of choosing a custom blind is how many model types suddenly become available.

That’s right, you will be able to access a far greater range of products. And its all down to the made to measure element.

You see as each blind is being made to spec, it means that more time can be given to intricate production. Hence, the extensive model options.

Blind types can be roller blinds, duettes or silhouettes to name a few. This also includes powered blind models which wouldn’t be available outside of custom blind options.

Blind model samples

When you go down the made to measure route, there are lots of blind models to choose from.

Trust us, there is really is a vast choice of made to measure shading options out there!

4.Lengthy Lead Times

Now this is an awkward one. And definitely something suppliers are probably not keen to bring up right away. Lead times.

Its fair to say a bespoke product will take time to make. However in recent months, with everything going on, lead times have inevitably been extended.

The real difficulty this creates, is to determine by how much and the best thing to do here, is to ask your supplier directly for an estimated lead time.

fabric material storage shelf in blind manufacturing factory

While lead times may vary, your supplier will be working hard to get your blind to you as fast as possible.

We would like to stress at this point that you shouldn’t be put off by long lead times. Instead, just be aware to factor this in to your overall design plan.

However, if you really need a quick fix, then consider an off the shelf blind product.

5. Blind Warranty Is Available but…

Its safe to say all made to measure blind products will come with a warranty.

As I’m sure you will agree, its very reassuring to know suppliers stand by the quality of their work.

metal venentian blinds custom made

Good quality custom blinds are not hard to find!

Here’s something that may not be mentioned though. The extent of the warranty.

Each blind supplier will have a different warranty period. And this can even change depending on the model in question.

For example a roller blind warranty can range from 1 to 5 years depending on the blind manufacturer.

Now, before you panic, or are put off completely by the notion of made to measure goods (again), consider this.

These products are not designed to break.

In fact, they are intended to last way beyond the warranty period. And even if they do break, your original supplier should honour your warranty, or at least offer to fix any issue outside this period (though check with your supplier if this incurs an extra cost first).

One more thing to think about.

Inevitably some blind models are updated over time or occasionally become discontinued completely. Its the nature of the industry we’re afraid. So just be aware when buying.

If in doubt about anything to do with warranty, ask your supplier. They will know the answer and be more than happy to help. After all they want to provide you with a sturdy product that will last!

Find Out More About Made To Measure Blinds

As we reach the end of our facts, you should feel a little more informed about made to measure blinds.

Made to measure venetian blinds in home office window behind workstation.

Complete your home with MTM blinds for a truly personal style.

And hopefully feeling more interested than ever!

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