Duette LightLock blind in

LightLock Is The Ultimate Blackout Blinds System: Here’s Why

Have you been searching for the ultimate blackout solution for your home?

Well, we may have the answer,


LightLock duette blackout blind in bedroom window.

The Lightlock system is the ultimate option for room darkening.

But what makes this blackout system so good?

Well, we will be answering this and more, including:

  1. What is LightLock?
  2. How Does It work?
  3. How Will Lightlock Look In Your Windows?
  4. Which Blinds Are Compatible With LightLoc?
  5. Where Do They Work Best?

Let’s get started!

What is LightLock?

LightLock is the brand new blackout blind system from Luxaflex.

Designed to improve on the standard blackout blind models, it aims to deliver an unparalleled level of darkness in any room.

So, how exactly does it do this?

How Does It Work?

Well, the system uses patented U-Shaped side channels, which are securely attached to the window frame.

Inside these channels are rows of specially shaped microridges. And its these ridges that partner with the blind as it moves up and down the channel, to trap, block, absorb and deflect incoming light.

LightLock blackout duette blind side channel profile

The side channel works in tandem with the blackout duette to ensure greater room darkening capabilities.

This is the key difference that gives the system that ‘ultimate’ blackout quality. See this illustrated below.

Regular Duette blind compared with LightLock duette model

See the clear difference between blackout blind options.

Having the channels in place also eliminates the ‘Halo Effect’. Which is actually very common with many other regular blackout blind models.

In case you are wondering if the channels effect the blind’s movement, the blind moves up and down the channels very easily.

Whether by hand using LiteRise operation or remotely using PowerView, blind movement remains smooth at all times.

See just how easily the system glides in the video below.

OK so the system clearly delivers, but how does it look in your windows?

How Will LightLock Look In Your Windows?

Well rest assured, the system has been designed to keep a sleek aesthetic look, that fits in with pre-existing window space.

In fact, they are made to fit securely into the window reveal. Which ensures the channels blend seamlessly into the window frame.

lightlock duette with side channel in window

Stylish and seamless with almost any window style.

Considering hardware options, the side channels and and top/bottom end caps use a neutral hue to be as compatible as possible with any interior.

Hardware colour options include Aspen White or Gardenia White. Again, ideal for a neutral look.

Now lets talk about blinds!

Which Blinds Are Compatible with LightLock?

So, the key blind associated with this system is the duette blind. Specifically, the 20mm Duette blackout fabric range.

Duettes are a very popular blind model, with excellent insulation qualities and a very stylish look.

Now with the added blackout LightLock system, they really are the ultimate investment for your windows.

But where are they most effective?

Where Do They Work Best?

As anyone suffering from early morning light will tell you, blackout blinds really are an essential item for any modern home.

The key is to use them where you need to prioritise light management.

Typically bedrooms, and in particular, children’s bedrooms or nurseries benefit most from using blackout blinds.

duette LightLock blinds in bedroom windows.

Bedrooms benefit greatly from introducing blackout options.

But more recently, blackout options have become a very popular choice for media or cinema rooms, keeping your screening comfortable and uninterrupted. See what we mean below.

Lighlock system in media room comparison

Before and After – LilghtLock makes a significant difference to your home (and screen time).

How To Find Out More

As you can see, LightLock really is the Ultimate blackout system for tackling unwanted light. With lots of practical benefits and potential applications, its a perfect investment for any modern home.

Contact us to learn more about our blackout bind products and services or visit our showroom to browse our displays and to speak to our team.

Thanks for reading!