Design Trends for 2020

Read our guide to the top interior design trends for 2020.

Tranquil Dawn

Tranquil Dawn is colour of the year for 2020.

Soft Tropics

This uplifting trend is a celebration of our love of nature.

With the New Year comes a new outlook! Discover exciting new interior design trends for 2020!

As we enter the New Year its time to look ahead at the emerging design trends set for 2020. Read on to find out more about some of the key design movements we are excited to see this year and learn how you can apply them to your home.


New Year New Outlook

The New Year is the perfect time for refreshing your home with a new look. We have collated some of the key interior design trends for 2020 to inspire a new outlook on your home design.

Structured Simplicity

Inspired by Nordic interior design sensibilities and the continuation of the serene Scandi Hygge trend, structured simplicity is set to be a big part of design in 2020. The stripped back style of structured simplicity aims to create an understated approach to interiors that reflect a peaceful and inviting space within your home to encourage rest and regeneration.

No More Grays

Gray has been a staple in interior decor colour palettes for many years but this year there is a definitive shift towards warming neutrals. With key neutral colours including yellow, beige and the particularly exciting tranquil dawn supplanting gray, this opens the opportunity to introduce soft accents to your design and establish a comfortable warm modern home space.

Tranquil Dawn

Tranquil dawn is an exciting new Dulux colour that has already been tipped to be 2020’s colour of the year. Considered to be a versatile colour, tranquil dawn changes with the influence of its surrounding tones. The gentle green can be used as the dominant shade to establish a low-key environment, or be mixed with other colours such as orange or yellow to become energised and fun. 

Tranquil dawn is available as a fabric colour for our blinds and curtain fabrics.

Honest Comforts

Honest comforts drops the pretence of portraying the home as a showroom and instead promotes it as a pure comfortable living space. This trend encourages using fabrics, blankets and throws to layer up within your home design to create a relaxing and warm environment to escape from the stresses of the outside world. Layering up can also include a mixture of old and new items to best personalise the character of your home.

Performance Fabrics

As part of the growing awareness to make thoughtful home design choices, performance fabrics are an essential addition to any busy living spaces. This type of fabric is designed to function well within any active home area while maintaining fashionable aesthetics. By investing in quality performance fabrics you can create a stylish practical impression in your home that lasts.

Botanical Trend

Botanical prints and themes have always been a big part of interior design trends but are set to be even more prominent in 2020 through soft tropics. This uplifting trend is a joyous celebration of nature and breathes new life into any room, big or small. Important colours to look out for in botanical prints include leaf green, nude pink, and pale blues.

We saw the beginning of the reemergence of this trend at Decorex 2019 and expect to see a lot more soft tropics and botanical enthused designs over the coming year. Bring on the palm trees!

More trends

Alongside the key trends above other ideas to mention include design sustainability, retro fusion, refined glamour, eclectic glamour and many more.

Interior Design Trends

With 2020 now here its time to hit the ground running with these new trends and apply them to your design ideas!

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