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Hand Sewn Curtains VS Machine Sewn Curtains – Which is Better?

Do you prefer hand sewn curtains or machine sewn curtains?

You may not have given it much thought but if you are looking to purchase curtains for your home, its a question you will almost certainly be asked.

Now, if you find yourself panicking for an answer, don’t.

Our comparison guide will walk you through both options, and by the end, you will be able to make your mind up which curtain style you prefer.

We will explore the following:

  • What Are Hand Sewn And Machine Sewn Curtains?
  • Curtain Finish – Which Looks Better?
  • Cost Price – Which Is Cheaper?
  • Lead Times – Which Is Quicker?
  • Which Curtain Method Is Right For You?

So, shall we begin?

What Are Hand Sewn Curtains and Machine Sewn Curtains?

Before we go any further, it is worth setting out what each manufacturing option involves.

Beginning with hand sewn curtains, as the name suggests, these are curtains stitched by hand. This takes great skill to do professionally, and is a very traditional yet personal approach to curtain making.

Curtain maker cutting through fabric with scissors

Hand Made Curtains take time and skill.

Also indicated by their name, machine sewn curtains are machine-sewed. This is the default method for many large curtain manufacturers, producing quality curtains quickly and efficiently.

sewing machine sewing seams on curtain fabric

Machine sewing is the common manufacturing option for many curtain makers

OK, now we know exactly what each method entails, lets determine which works best.

Curtain Finish, Which looks Better?

So the big question, which looks better?

And well, it really is up to you.

That may sound like a cop out, but hear us out.

Machine sewn curtains will always present a professional finish. No question about it. Sewing using a (decent) sewing machine will give clean lines, and a presentable look every time. Whereas, the quality of hand sewn curtains are purely based on the skill of the curtain maker.

That said, if you opt for hand sewn curtains, they will be made to your exact requirements, not a generic size chart. This method also has less visible stitching and uses less stitch tension, which means this style of curtain tends to hang better. Giving you a quality personalised finish.

Both have their merits, and in a lot of ways, the finished looks in context are fairly indistinguishable.

Curtains in light grey finish with light and shadow gradient.

Curtain quality from both machine and hand made options are of a high standard.

But if you are looking for immaculate detail, then we would lean to hand-made. Again it really is up to you which look you prefer.

Cost Price, Which Is Cheaper?

Now, there is always a variance in price when it comes to curtains. For example, size and fabric selection will alter costs quite dramatically.

However due to the cost-effective nature of machine made curtains, they are most likely going to be the significantly cheaper than a hand made option. This is as sewing by hand is very labour intensive, so will inevitably incur a higher cost.

curtain spindle on roll

Materials, labour and skill can all drive up costs.

But look at it this way, would you prefer an ‘off the peg‘ product or tailored experience?

And which would you expect to pay more for?

Lead Times, Which Is Quicker?

If you are looking for a quick turn around on curtains, machine sewn is the way to go.

No question.

Machine based sewing will always be quicker. Machine lead work is typically more efficient, sewing seams in seconds. Though arguably, the whole process has much less finesse.

Machine sewn curtains process close up of mechanism

Need curtains quick? Then consider machine lead manufacturing.

Now before we dissuade you too much, its worth pointing out that hand made curtain designers, under the right circumstances, can also produce curtains pretty quickly too. After all, they do this for a living.

But even so, you will still be looking at least 2-3 days for a single pair of curtains after supplying suitable fabric. So keep this in mind.

Which Curtain Method Is Right For You?

Well hopefully you should be closer to answering this but its still a difficult decision to make.

Machine made curtains are fast, efficient and cost effective. While hand sewing curtains are detailed and a higher quality end product.

It really depends on your expectations, including budget, time and overall satisfaction with the finished goods. After all, they will be your home’s new curtains.

Curtain manufacturing comparison infographic

So which is better?

Well hand sewing, while unquestionably personal in its delivery, is often best suited for smaller more delicate jobs and repair work. With this in mind and combined with the difference in cost, on the whole it makes more sense to opt for machine lead curtains.

Also its worth noting that a lot of machine produced curtains will actually receive hand finished treatment during manufacturing too.

Now hand sewn curtains are not a dying art, in fact far from it. We have sourced many local individual curtain makers, who provide exquisite curtain and fabric services. So if you have the time and resources, don’t rule this out.

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Are you ready to choose how your curtains are made?

As you can see, curtain manufacturing is not as simple as it seems. Remember, while they may look effortless when hung in your windows, a lot of work and key decision making has gone into them to get to that point!

Whichever option you decide on, make sure it works for you.

If you are interested in curtains or would like to know more about hand sewn and machine sewn manufacturing options contact us!

You can also visit our showroom to chat to our designers about our services and browse our fabrics while you are here!

Thanks for reading!