How To Make The Perfect Fabric Selection: A Simple 5 Step Guide

Have you ever visited a fabric shop or looked at the fabric aisle of Ikea and been totally overwhelmed?

Be assured this happens to everyone.

With so many fabric books to look through and ideas to be had, its often impossible to know where to begin.

Luckily, fabric is a specialty of ours. And we have condensed our years of experience and advice into 5 easy simple steps!

Each step will help you get a much better handle of how to make the correct fabric choices for your home.

So, lets begin your fabric journey with this handy infographic!

fabric selection infographic

Pick your perfect fabric with these 5 simple steps


Contemporary or Traditional?

Contemporary or traditional interior design choices

Now this one is a straightforward choice. Contemporary or Traditional?

But why is this important?

Well, by determining between these two options for your home’s decor it will immediately narrow your fabric search criteria. And narrowing down fabric options is what you want. Trust us!

Also a lot of our fabric collections tend to be either more classic or modern in feel. So knowing which direction you would like your design to take from the offset will definitely save time.

Fabric Design And How Best To Navigate It

Design selection for fabrics

Now we know what style of fabric you are looking at, we can concentrate on fabric design.

But what exactly is fabric design?

Well, fabric design is simply how the fabric looks. This can refer to patterns, prints or colour. Ranging from subtle to the extravagant. And there is no limit on what you can achieve within fabric design.

The thing to remember is that design is always subjective. What suits you may not suit someone else and vice versa. So choosing a suitable design is a personal undertaking that will inevitably take some time to get right.

But remember, browsing is always a lot of fun!

What Is Your Interior Design Context?

interior design context for fabric selection

Context makes all the difference.

And knowing the specific requirements your fabric will need to deliver is invaluable. Even before opening a single sample book.

Requirements can range from deciding on a practical fabric, such as blackout lining, or fun designs to brighten up a child’s playroom, or the best of both worlds.

By determining the fabric’s purpose, you can better inform your design decisions from the start. Letting you focus on the right fabric collections.

Decide On Product Type

Fabric product type banner

So are you thinking of curtains, blinds or other furnishings for your home?

By deciding which of these products you would like early on, this will help shape your potential fabric options.

Why is this?

Well, some fabric ranges are better suited for certain products over others. Some fabric collections will even be exclusive to one product type.

Be flexible too. You may want blinds but discover that after talking it through that curtains are a better option.

Budget Awareness

fabric budget awareness

Its no secret fabric is expensive. And here is where the dreaded ‘B’ word comes in.

Budget. But don’t worry!

Yes, fabric costs can be quite expensive, but budget doesn’t have to be limiting either.

There are lots of quality fabrics in all price ranges and you may be able to compromise on price elsewhere. So always be mindful of your design project’s budget when browsing but don’t let it solely define your choices.

Remember a decent designer will make your budget work.

How Aspect Can Help

Fabric Selection guide at Aspect Window Styling

As you can see, choosing fabric isn’t complicated. Remember, be clear in your mind what you want the fabric to do for you. Try to be flexible with the process too. As you’ll enjoy fabric journey much more if you are!

We at Aspect Window Styling fully understand the difficulties in fabric selection for your home. Our experienced design team are ready to guide you with any type of fabric selection.

We offer a free home design appointment to discuss your fabric options with you in situ. We can also send out free fabric samples and can even lend out our sample books on request too.

If you would like to know more about our fabric collections and starting your fabric journey just contact us.

Thanks for reading!