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Energy Saving Blinds – How Much Energy Will They Save Your Home?

Energy saving blinds are exactly what your home needs right now.

So, why is that?

Well, with the combination of cold weather and rising energy costs, investing in this style of blind can help your home retain energy. Which not only leaves you feeling more comfortable at home, but can also help you save money on your energy bills.

And we can all agree that any extra savings you can make right now, are very welcome.

Now, you may be asking how much energy will they actually save my home?

Well, that’s exactly what we want to show you here.

In this article, we will look at:

So, shall we begin?

Why Should You Invest In Energy Saving Blinds?

Now, before we consult the numbers, let’s talk about why you should consider purchasing energy saving blinds.

energy saving blinds fact sheet

Save energy and stay comfortable over throughout the year.

Its safe to say, we lose lots of energy through our windows on a daily basis.

Yes, even double glazed windows.

This general energy inefficiency means we use even more energy to compensate. Ultimately leading to higher energy bills.

By simply providing extra insulation for your windows, you can instantly reduce your overall energy consumption.

Looking at the bigger picture too, if we all better insulate our homes, it will save a great amount of energy on a national scale. Which helps the environment and tackles Climate Change.

How Much Energy Can Your Blinds Save You?

OK let’s get down to numbers!

So exactly how much energy will you save?

Well, when combined with double-glazing, expect up to 46% reduction in heat loss in your home.

That is a huge reduction!

But the really great news about this, is that reduction in heat loss means you will use much less heating.

In fact, you will be looking at reducing heating energy by 51%. Which importantly saves you money on energy bills, especially in the long term.

OK, so these numbers look good but which blinds are considered energy saving?

And more importantly which of them work best?

Which Blind Models Work Best?

When it comes to energy saving, there are really only two key blinds to consider.

The duette and sonnette blinds.

duette and sonnette blinds in situ - visual comparison

The duette (top) and sonnette (bottom) work well as an additional layer of insulation for your windows.

Both are extremely efficient blinds and proven to reduce energy loss through your windows.

So what makes them so good at keeping energy in?

Its all thanks to their uniquely designed cell structure, which you can see in the image below.

Duette blind with honeycomb design structure

The honeycomb cells trap air as it passes through. This then acts as an insulation barrier between your rooms and windows.

Keeping your home lovely and cosy throughout the winter.

Both the duette and sonnette are also very stylish blind models.

Contemporary in their look and available in different colours, designs and opacities, these blinds will fit in perfectly with any home design.

How Powered Blinds Can Save You Even More Energy At Home

By opting to power your blinds, you can actually save energy too.

How so?

Well with PowerView Automation, you can set personalised schedules to maximise your window’s heat insulation capabilities.

For example, your blinds can automatically go up when the sun goes down. Keeping the heat in, and giving you piece of mind your home will remain warm, as you make your way home from work.

Powerview automation smartphone app used

Be on top of the energy saving blinds in your home with PowerView Automation.

What is even better though is that you can adjust your blinds from the PowerView app, wherever you are.

So if you get delayed getting home, or its been a particularly grey kind of day, you can easily move your blinds to your preferred setting from your phone. Keeping your home energy efficient and warmer for longer.

More Energy Saving Tips For Your Home

Don’t just stop at blinds. There are lots of other energy saving tips that can help save you energy and money.

Simple things like turning off lights when out of the room, or avoiding leaving items on standby, or even filling up your dishwasher before turning it on, can all contribute to energy saving.

light bulb lit up to illustrate energy consumption

In addition to investing in energy saving blind models, be mindful of your energy choices around the home.

However the key thing that will truly make a real difference to energy saving, is changing our mindset.

By being more aware of our energy consumption, we can change our habits and live much more sustainably.

How To Get Started On Energy Saving In Your Home

As you can see, investing in window insulation in your home can help a great deal over Winter and beyond.

If you would like to get started on your energy saving journey, then why not contact us.

Our team are more than happy to help, and can answer any questions you may have!

Let’s get saving together!

Thanks for reading!