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A Guide To Energy Efficient Blinds : Everything You Need To Know

Up to 50% of all heating and cooling energy is lost through your windows every single day.

This is a HUGE problem.


Because losing any energy from your home will not only make it impossible to regulate temperature but will also drive up your energy bills.

So what can you do to solve this problem?

Luckily, energy efficient blinds tackle all of these issues and are available for your home now. And in this post, we will explain exactly how well these blinds can retain energy in your home.

Energy Efficient Blinds

With so much energy lost through our windows, even double glazed windows, there is one specific blind product that can easily solve this problem.

The Duette® blind.

Duette® blinds are designed to provide an energy efficient solution for any home.

But how do they work?

Duette® Blind Unique Honeycomb Design

The defining feature of the duette® blind is its unique honeycomb structure.

So what makes this design so special?

Well, this exclusive honeycomb design traps air as it passes through the blind vanes, easily regulating room temperature.

Seems simple enough.

And it is!

Duette® blind are A++ energy rated and a must for creating a comfortable eco-minded home.

And reduce energy bills!

Duette blinds side profile showing honeycomb structure.

Duette®s have a unique honeycomb structure that prevents excess heat loss through your windows.

Duette® Blinds Work All Year Round

If Duette® blinds retain heat and energy so well, won’t it make your home too hot on sunny days?

Not at all.

The same honeycomb cell structure that keeps heat in the room also reflects outside heat.

How so? I can hear you ask.

As the hot air passes through the vanes, it diffuses the air particles which is what keeps your room nice and cool.

This is exactly why a duette® blind is the perfect investment for your home all year round.

Duette® Blind Style And Function

OK, so these are the go to energy efficient blind, but what do duette®s look like in a window? Will they suit your home?


They are available in numerous colours and patterns to suit and reflect your personal style.

Duette blinds with fuchsia pink blackout fabric in children's bedroom window.

Duette®s have three transparency options.

  1. Translucent
  2. Semi-Translucent
  3. Blackout

This means you can easily individually manage the light levels throughout your home.

A helpful option for sure!

Each Duette® blind is also made to measure, to match your exact specifications and can provide a workable solution for even the most complex designs.

If you need more incentive, why not view our recent Duette® Shades design project to get a visual of how they sit in a window.

Duette blind with blackout lined fabric in bedroom window

Discover how duette blinds look in situ with our design project.

They Work With PowerView And Are Home Automation Compatible

Ever wanted to control your blinds by remote?

With Luxaflex PowerView you can do just that!

Duette® Shades are totally compatible with PowerView and other Home Automation systems including Amazon’s Alexa, Nest and Google Home.

This means you can control your home’s insulation at the press of a button.

Very handy, especially if you are stuck at work or on holiday.

If you aren’t convinced by electric blinds, don’t worry.

Duette® blinds are also available with hand operated systems too, including child friendly SmartCords and LiteRise options.

Further Window Insulation and Energy Saving Tips

You should have a better understanding of energy efficient blinds and just what they can do for your home.

If you are interested in Duette® Blinds, or would like to know more about other insulation ideas for your windows then why not visit our showroom?

Our designers will be able to offer more advice on what you can do to improve energy efficiency in your home.

Thanks for reading!