Disney, Star Wars™ and Marvel Window Blinds – Available Now!

Calling all Star Wars, Marvel and Disney fans, this announcement is for you!

We are pleased to introduce a brand new roller blind collection from Rol-Lite and Louvolite, featuring a wide selection of beloved iconic cartoon characters.

Star wars characters on blackout roller blind in living room window

Find your childhood favourites in the collection!

Whether you are a fan of Mickey Mouse or Darth Vader, there is something for everyone in this wonderful collection!

So how can you get hold of these designs for your home?

Let’s find out!

Exclusive Blinds Designs

But first, how did this wonderful collection come about?

Well, its all thanks to a partnership between blind companies Rol-Lite and Louvolite and The Walt Disney Company.

Disney marvel star wars logo for blackout roller blinds sample book

Discover and enjoy Disney, Star Wars and Marvel Blinds!

Who have agreed to bring this marvellous assortment of colourful characters together from across Disney, Marvel and Star Wars properties, straight to your windows!

Nostalgia or Childhood Adventure

The really beauty of this collection is its wide appeal to both adults and children.

For example, you can indulge in your nostalgia, to complete your geek chic interior.

Or spark a child’s imagination by decorating their bedroom with their favourite cartoon characters.

Winnie The Pooh roller blind in children's bedroom window and Star Wars Roller Blind in living room

Whether for kids or adults, there really is something for everyone to love in this collection!

So what are some of the designs available in the collection?

Marvel Window Blinds

With great blinds comes great responsibility.

Marvel hero blackout roller blind in children's bedroom window

Decorate your windows with your favourite Marvel heroes!

Bring the excitement of the ever popular Marvel films home with these fun and colourful designs.

As you can see above, these Marvel window blinds have a wide array key characters from the comic books and films. This includes classics like Captain America, Spider-Man, Hulk, Thor and Black Widow.

A must for any Marvel fan!

Star Wars Window Blinds

In a window not too far away.

Star Wars blind design roller blind

Bring this sci-fi classic home!

Make this wonderful intergalactic sci-fi tale a part of your home to enjoy.

Discover more classic characters including Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and the dreaded Darth Vader in these fun Star Wars blind designs.

An ideal investment for any Star Wars fan, young or old!

Disney Window Blinds

All of your favourite Disney icons are also available!

Frozen Movie roller blinds in children's bedroom window

Bring that Disney magic home with these exclusive roller blinds!

This includes Pixar’s Toy Story and Cars, and classic films like Dumbo and all the Disney Princesses including Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Tiana.

Blackout Roller Blinds

All fabric designs are available for standard blackout roller blinds.

The artwork is printed onto a blackout base-cloth which darkens the room when fully closed. Which makes them perfect for bedrooms, living rooms or playrooms.

All the blinds in this collection are also available for perfect-fit and motorised options.

Motorised Blinds

The great news is that all of these designs are also available as powered blinds.

By opting for motorised blinds, you can operate them with remote or app technology and enjoy the many benefits of electric blinds.

UK Manufactured

All Rol-Lite blinds are manufactured in the UK and produced to a very high standard.

They also have a quick turn around, so you can enjoy these blinds in your home in no time at all!

Want to know more?

If you are interested in any of these designs or learning more about the collection, please contact us.

Or if you are in Bath, you can always swing into our showroom and browse our Rol-Lite samples firsthand!

Spiderman roller blind print design fabric sample

Swing into our showroom today!

Thanks for reading!