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Dim-Out Blinds VS Blackout Blinds – Which Works Better?

Dim-out blinds and blackout blinds are great practical solutions for tackling intruding light.

metal venetian blind with sunlight shining through

Prevent unwanted light with dim-out or blackout blind models

Both aim to deliver room darkening qualities, in different, yet similar ways and are ideal furnishings for getting a good night’s sleep.

But which works better?

And which will suit your needs better too?

In this blog, we will compare both blind systems and answer this question.

Lets begin!

Dim-Out Blinds and Blackout Blinds What are they?

Before we get started, lets just outline what each of these blind models are.

Blackout blinds are designed to block incoming light. They do this by using a specially coated dense fabric that prevents light from shining through. They look and sit much like regular blinds and blackout options are available for lots of different blind models.

Luxaflex Blackout Roller Blind close up

Blackout blind model

Dim-out blinds act very much like blackout blinds, but the key difference is that they use side profiles, which are attached to the wall. This means they cover the entire window space to block all incoming light.

Dim-out blind with side profiles attached to window side

The dim-out blind system

Both pragmatic options for sure, but which works best?

Room Darkening, Which is better?

Let’s get right to it. Which blind system is better at room darkening?

Well, as we said before, both will do the job but in different ways.

Let us explain.

So, dim-out blind systems are fitted right to the edge of the window. This means when they are pulled down, they completely block out all incoming light.

dim-out blinds system side profile.

Dim-outs use a side profile to ensure total shade.

Blackout blinds on the other hand, will block out most light, but it can still creep in at the side of the blind. Now, in most contexts this won’t make much difference, if at all. But as we know from past experience, this can become quite the deal breaker.

So which is better?

Well, the dim-out blind system is clearly able to block out more light consistently. That said, blackout blinds also do a great job at this. Its all down to expectation and arguably your preferred look, which we will talk about next.

Differences in Design

So how will each blind system look in your windows?

Well, while the dim-out blind may block out more light, it encompasses more of your windows. This is because the blind system is installed to the side of the window, taking up more space than a blackout blind would.

Blackout blinds however, sit like a traditional blind and fits in with your existing window space.

One more thing to note, is that dim-out blinds are limited to the roller blind model. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this look, if you are looking for varied style options, then just be aware of this.

Now, this is where blackout blinds come into their own. Blackout blind material is available in lots of models including roller blinds, duettes, verticals ect.

Patterned blackout roller blind in bedroom window

Blackout options are available in numerous key blind models.

So if style is a top priority for you, blackout blinds have considerably more options to choose from.


As both blind systems are fitted differently, it seems likely that they will have different operation too.

The great news is that both systems are available as chain or electrical operation.

Either control option is super easy to use too!

Best uses

Both blind styles work well domestically, and will sit well in your windows at home.

Blackout roller blinds in contemporary kitchen windows

Blackout blinds suit any decor.

But the dim-out blind is also great for commercial properties. Being promoted as a conference room must have, ideal for flexible light during a presentation.

dim out blind system in presentation hall

Dim-out blind models work well for commercial buildings especially offices and conference rooms.

Which is Better?

OK so ultimately, which is better at room darkening?

If you are looking for complete darkness at a seconds notice then dim-out blinds are the way to go. They work especially well for commercial properties too. But remember their profile will fit the entirety of the window, so take this into account before investing.

For a stylish look, with minor light intrusion, black out blinds are the better option. Blackout material is available in lots of different models to suit any interior space.

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We hope this blog has helped you to decide which option is right for your needs!

But if you would like to know more about either blind system, then why not contact us or visit our showroom. Our team are more than happy to discuss these options with you, and show how each blind system works with our in house displays. 

Thanks for reading!