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Decorex Virtual 2020 – Why You Must Attend This Year’s Online Show

Simply put, Decorex Virtual is an unmissable event for interior design professionals.

Each year, this London based show houses the best in International high-end interior design from its global-wide community. In addition, it presents fantastic opportunities for new business, discovering emerging talent and of course, inspiring design excellence within its attendees.

Decorex returns once again this year with a brand new format – Decorex Virtual!

Decorex Virtual show
Decorex Virtual – The Show Must Go On!
Covid-19 has cancelled almost all live events this year. So its a real pleasure to see the Decorex live show find a way to go ahead in some form.
It is the first time in its 42 year history that Decorex will be adopting an all-virtual platform. Held from 17-19 November, Decorex Virtual will take its attendees on an exclusive three-day digital experience.

Decorex Is Great For Discovering New Ideas And Industry Trends

Are you interested in keeping up with the latest industry insights? Then Decorex is  definitely the right place to be.
Kitchen interior design colour palette contrast Discover new ideas and trends at Decorex Virtual[/caption]

This year’s event is full of virtual seminars and curated talks on-demand featuring a vast range of on-trend topics.

Topics include:

  • The Fundamentals of Art: Questions from an Interior Designer’
  • Sustainable Sourcing For Interior Designers: Cutting Through The Greenwash
  • Designing for True Wellbeing at Home‘.

You can discover the full list on the Decorex Agenda.

Its all so easy to do. Simply register and set up your Decorex seminar schedule over the 3 days!

You can also watch any of the on-demand content as soon as you register. This includes videos exploring space at home and intricate focus on numerous interior design projects. Gain rare insights, practical advice and creative sparks with each video. In short, this is a rare opportunity to learn from the industry’s absolute best.

You Can Network and Meet New People, Virtually!

Something we can all agree, is that networking has been almost impossible this year. Decorex has always been the ideal place to network for design professionals too. So with this in mind, the show has prioritised making this happen again this year. But how does it work?

Over the 3 days, Decorex Virtual will host online networking events and 1:1 pre-scheduled meeting videos for attendees and exhibitors. This is straightforward to setup too. Just login and access your personal profile, then contact your chosen supplier and organise a meeting for a convenient time.

Virtual networking with laptop from bed.

Network and Meet New People at Decorex Virtual at home

Networking is a little more limited on space. So to avoid disappointment register early between 9th November – 16th November.

This really is the only place dedicated to virtual networking for design professionals. So, catch up with friends, meet new people, and build a list of solid business contacts. Its only a click away.

Source New Products For Your Business or Home

In a typical year, it would be no problem to walk the many isles and discover new items. However, this year is a little different.

Decorex understand how vital this part of the event is and have come up with a fantastic solution, the Decorex product directory!

Decorex product directory contemporary sofa pattern

Discover new items for your home and business in the Decorex product directory!

This is a comprehensive list of all the exhibitors and their goods. You can access this list from the Decorex login and browse at your leisure. Its a great place to begin sourcing new items for your latest design project!

It is also a chance to meet high-end suppliers that you might not have been aware of previously. If discovering new products is your thing, then look no further.

Experience A One Of A Kind 3D Visualisation Experience With Decorex Virtual

Anyone who has visited Decorex in the past year will know how impressive their set design is. Walking in, you are immediately hit with the captivating sight of their uniquely curated entrance ramp. Rich in colour, texture and story. However, this year’s show presents quite a different challenge.

To recreate the immersive elements of the physical event is no easy feat. Luckily, Decorex are launching a new digital feature ‘The Great Escapes’.

Decorex Great Escapes 3d interior design visualisation experience

Experience the unique 3D design virtual space – ‘The Great Escapes’

5 talented designers have been tasked with creating this brand new 3D experience. Each year, Decorex specifies a brief to a select set of designers to work with. So, this year’s theme is the ultimate ‘Happy Place’. Each designer will use their space to present their personal perspective of a ‘Happy Place’.

All attendees will be able to be explore the ‘The Great Escapes’ using the 360 tour model. With limitless possibilities, ‘The Great Escapes’ is a must see experience.

No travel, No Ques and Free attendance!

One of the nice things about Decorex becoming digital is the practical benefits. For instance, there is no need to travel. Instead, you can login and enjoy the show from the comfort of your home.

Virtual design show on the laptop

Browse your the show at your convenience.

While nothing can quite beat the hustle and bustle of the live event, the absence of ques will be greatly appreciated. Which gives you more time to enjoy different parts of the show.

Best of all however, is attendance for Decorex Virtual is free!

So How Do I Register Decorex Virtual?

Its straightforward and quick just head over to the Decorex website and sign up. From there, you can begin creating your own personal schedule and start your Decorex experience right now.

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Join us here too for our review of Decorex Virtual in a few weeks time!