Decorex 2021 quick guide review

Decorex 2021 Review – 8 Highlights From This Year’s show!

Decorex 2021 was a true celebration of all things design and the perfect way to welcome back our community!

Packed full of exciting exhibits, fascinating seminars, and dazzling new trends, Decorex delivered an unmissable live experience.

Decorex 2021 live design event photos

We had a simply splendid time walking the halls of the Olympia London once more. Coming away with heaps of inspiration and insight for the next big things in line for the industry.

While there is so much to discuss, we have put together our 8 key highlights from the show including:

  1. Finding ‘True Love’ – Decorex Entranceway
  2. Sustainability and Design
  3. A Celebration of Colour
  4. Embracing Maximalism
  5. A Great Time At The Circus (Bar)!
  6. Riveting Seminars And An Exchange Of Ideas
  7. Exceptional Exhibitors
  8. Looking To The Future With Future Heritage

Read our full Decorex 2021 review below, and find out what exactly made this year’s Decorex so special!

Let’s begin!

1. Finding ‘True Love’ – Decorex Entranceway

Quite literally unmissable, the ‘True Love’ entranceway was visitors very first experience of Decorex 2021.

True love Decorex entrance designed by artist Moritz Waldemeyer

Designed by the renowned artist Moritz Waldemeyer, ‘True Love’ celebrated numerous themes surrounding nature and life.

Using an assortment of exquisite handcrafted butterflies, candle lights and foliage, ‘True Love’ presented a striking and poignant first impression to design lovers.

Without question, a superb start to everyone’s Decorex experience!

2. Sustainability and Design

Sustainability is a pressing conversation in all aspects of our lives, and design is no different.

Sustainable design greenery design Decorex 2021

Much like last year’s virtual show, sustainability was ever present at this year’s Decorex too.

From the immersive features to the exhibitors to the numerous seminars, sustainability was repeatedly touched upon.

The clear message throughout, and an important one to take away, was that of a green revolution. With even the most luxury brands consciously shifting towards a fully sustainable future.

A welcome and necessary step forward for the industry and brilliant to see discussed so prominently here!

3. A Celebration of Colour

One thing that was clear at the show from the offset, was that colour was in.

10 metre painted mural at Decorex 2021 live event

Colour is one of the most fundamental aspects of interior design, having a profound influence on space and people. So it was no surprise to see Decorex full of rich vibrant colour.

Colour was none more prominent than the 10 metre mural, painted by the designer Jan Erika. Throughout the show, Jan hand-painted the mural and the end result was simply transfixing.

So inspiring, and a great reminder for all of us to experiment more with daring colours and energy in our designs!

4. Embracing Maximalism

Fans of maximalism were in luck. As this increasingly popular design trend was a big talking point this year.

Bold orange Decorex display with shades of Maximalism

We attended a fantastic seminar on the subject, ‘Maximalism and Design Exuberance’. The panel included interior design experts Carole Annett, Suzy Hoodless, Samantha Hoodless and Guy Oliver, who together, discussed all aspects of maximalism.

This included the origins of the recent wave of maximalism, how best to use it in our interiors and why we should use it too.

Overall, a thrilling trend to see discussed by the experts. Certainly, one to watch!

5. A Great Time At The Circus (Bar)!

Now, time for a quick drink while we discuss our next highlight, the Decorex bar.

Decorex circus tent bar

The bar is often considered the focal part of any live Decorex show. So after such a long time away, would it deliver?


This year’s bar was designed by the Sarah Cosgrove Studio, transforming the space into a delightful circus tent, complete with lights and a one and a half rotating mirror ball (it was huge!).

Experiencing the bar in person, it had a casual and almost festival atmosphere to it. A very welcoming and relaxed vibe indeed.

Overall a darling space, that performed beautifully as the whimsical centrepiece of the show.

Now time for that drink!

6. Riveting Seminars And An Exchange Of Ideas

Decorex has always been a house of ideas. Acting as a prime opportunity for the community to discuss, learn and share new concepts, trends and expertise.

Decorex seminars promo

With a huge range of topics to discuss, including wellbeing, sustainability, diversity, and the evolution of craftmanship, to name a few. There really was something for everyone in attendance.

We were very fortunate to attend a few seminars while at the show. Alongside the aforementioned ‘Maximalism and Design Exuberance’ seminar another key talk we thoroughly enjoyed was ‘House, Home, Live, Work’.

Here experts discussed the very relatable effects of the pandemic on our lives. Particularly focusing on the greater impact it has had on the design and interiors industry.

It was fascinating to hear how the greater design world has changed and evolved over the last few years in the face of global events.

We only wish we could have attended more talks!

Though there is also a virtual show in November, which will also have lots more fascinating topics!

7. Exceptional Exhibitors

Decorex has always brought out the best in its exhibitors, and this year was no different.

Ian Mankin fabric at Decorex 2021 show

Stalls were full and well frequented. With each company turning out their absolute finest.

Highlights included Ian Mankin, who put on an impressive display of sumptuous fabrics. Loom furniture used their spot well, to promote their custom soft curve furniture. Timourous Beasties presented their unique impressionistic fabrics to dazzle and wow the crowds. And Cameron Design House‘s Halti hand blown glass work was truly something to admire.

This really was a huge pleasure to walk through and a big congrats to every stall!

8. Looking To The Future With Future Heritage

What better highlight to conclude on than with Future Heritage!

Frances Pinnock leather sculptor part of Future Heritage display

Future Heritage showcases new and emerging talent from the craft industry. Featured designers were asked to create unique one-off pieces especially for the show. So visitors were already in for a visual treat!

Some of these key displays included the stunning leather work from Frances Pinnock, glow glass bubbles from the combination of designers Adam Furman and Esther Patterson, and Fabio Hendry’s contemporary wall-mounted furniture.

It was incredibly inspiring to see the future of design right before our eyes.

Decorex 2021 Review Final Thoughts

We hoped you enjoyed our Decorex 2021 review. Overall, what a superb show!

If absence makes the heart grow fonder, then Decorex, our hearts are now full again!

Big thank you to all the staff, designers, makers, exhibitors, and everyone else who made Decorex 2021 such a special show.

We can’t wait for next year!

Thanks for reading.