Decorex 2021 quick guide review

Decorex 2021 – A Quick Guide To This Year’s show

Decorex 2021 is almost here!

And this year, Decorex returns to a live show format at the Olympia London. Reuniting the design community once more for the 4 day event.

While last year’s virtual show was a triumph in its own right, we must say, it will be simply wonderful to see our fellow attendees in person again!

Decorex dining table exhibition

Decorex 2021 returns to its esteemed live show format at Olympia London.

So what to look out for at this year’s show?

Lets find out!

‘True Love’ Entranceway

First impressions are everything.

And the first impression all attendees experience is the entranceway. Its the prime opportunity to immediately wow Decorex attendees, so it must deliver!

Each year, a different designer is asked to transform the entranceway by implementing their own unique vision.

This year, the internationally renowned artist Moritz Waldemeyer will be presenting his vision on the Decorex entranceway.

Based in London, Waldemeyer’s is best known for his digital light displays and original creations.

Abstract light design show

Moritz Waldemeyer’s past bespoke installations

Given the title ‘True Love’, Waldemeyer will employ a mixture of intricately designed butterflies, foliage and greenery to explore themes of nature and the drama of life.

One thing for sure is that it will be unmissable!

Fascinating Seminars

Decorex welcomes the most influential industry names from the global design community. Which means its the ideal opportunity to hear from the industry’s greatest.

Seminar lead with iPad reference

Decorex is full of interesting seminars to attend throughout the 4 days.

With numerous masterclasses, and debates available throughout the 4 day event, there really is something for everyone.

Here are some key seminars to look out for :

  • Maximalism and Design Exuberance
  • Slow Interiors: Understanding the Importance of Heritage
  • United in Design: How can we create a united, diverse and inclusive industry?
  • Are Luxury and Sustainability Compatible?
  • A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Showroom

You can also discover the full list of professional talks on the Decorex Agenda.

Trust us, Decorex seminars really are a fantastic way to learn about the latest trends and insights from all parts of the industry.

So don’t hesitate to book your place at one of the many seminars!

The Liberty. Café 

There is so much to see and do at Decorex 2021, that a quiet space will be most welcome at points throughout the day.

And what better way to relax, mingle and reflect on your visit than at the Liberty. café.

However, this is no ordinary café, it is in fact part of a very special collaboration between Decorex and Liberty Fabrics.

Liberty Fabrics is world renowned for designing and producing gorgeous prints and fabrics, rich in legacy. So patrons of the Liberty. café will truly be in for a treat!

Liberty fabric interior design living room

Liberty Fabric is recognised for its cultural collaborations, inspiring curation, and directional design.

The café itself, will be adorned with carefully chosen Liberty floral wallpaper. This will then be drawn together by a jade green hue, which flows through the scheme. Providing the space with an opulent undertone.

Liberty Café fabric samples and interior colour scheme

Liberty have carefully curated the wallpaper and colours for the Liberty .café.

So if you find yourself in need of a break during your visit, then stop by the Liberty. café and savour a moment of calm.

Future Heritage

Future Heritage is a beloved staple of Decorex. And this year will be no different.

Future Heritage showcases emerging and established talents in British craft. Promoting contemporary craft to the wider interior design industry,

Hand crafting sculpture during Future Heritage Exhibition

Future Heritage perfectly shows off home-grown and international craftmanship talent.

Carefully curated, Future Heritage is set to delight and inspire the crowds with the unique one-off pieces on offer from 10 emerging artisans.

You can also meet the designers who will be nearby to discuss their piece and the greater craft industry.

Contemporary sculpture being made as part of Future Heritage

There is so much to discover in Future Heritage

All products featured in the Future Heritage showcase will also be listed in the Decorex product directory.

Don’t skip out on this exhibition, and discover something new!

Wind Down At The Bar

At the heart of Decorex is a very special place, the central bar!

Much like the entranceway, each year a talented designer and their team take on the challenge of redesigning the bar.

Decprex central bar 2017

The central bar is the ideal space to unwind during the show.

This year, the Sara Cosgrove Studio will be designing the Decorex bar.

Their concept is inspired by the theatre and whimsy energy of a classic circus. Transforming the bar into a literal circus tent, featuring striped blue, red and white carpet. Which in turn, will radiate from the centre of the space to awe patrons.

A hint of some of the colours to expect at the Central Bar this year.

The bar design will also bring in exotic elements through drapes, velvet furnishings and hand-painted motifs to cap off the finished look.

One thing is for sure, it will be the perfect space to raise a toast to the show!

Decorex 2021
Decorex 2021 promo image

Are you excited for Decorex 2021?

We hope you now feel as excited about the show as we do.

There really is lots to see and do at Decorex, so if you are attending have fun exploring and learning.

Decorex 2021 feels particularly special for many reasons. Most of all, because it will be the beginning of the industry, reconnecting and reigniting the passion for design we all share so dearly.

Thanks for reading.