In light of the government’s announcement last night we are now temporarily closed again for the duration of lockdown.
We will be in contact with our customers who have an appointment booked with us to update you on the current situation.
Our services will be slightly more limited this time but our email and website are open and ready for your queries. Our admin staff will be monitoring emails and will still be able to offer advice, quote and possibly even supply some of our products. We will also be posting regularly on social media with interesting guides, articles, and updates throughout.
We would like to take the opportunity to wish our customers well and to thank all of the NHS staff and keyworkers for their efforts. Stay safe and we will see you all soon!

UPDATE November 02.11.2020

Following the government’s announcement this past weekend, we will be temporarily closing our showroom from Thursday (05.11.20) until the beginning of December (02.12.2020). We hope to reopen then and to resume our services in full.

In the meantime, we are hoping to fulfil any current outstanding jobs. So if you have a measure or fitting booked with us, our admin team will be in contact with you shortly with an update on your appointment. Many of our product suppliers are still active. So we will continue to be receiving new stock and can potentially place new orders (though contact us for details on this).

All emails will be monitored by our admin team during this time so please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. We are also still regularly updating our website and social media platforms, so look for updates there.

We would like to take the opportunity to wish all of our customers well during this time. Stay safe and we hope to see you again soon!

UPDATE June 15.06.2020

We are please to announce, that as of 9am this morning we are now open once again. Our showroom hours will be back to normal 9-5 Monday to Friday and 10-5. Our services including measuring and fitting will also resume.

After much thought and discussion, we have implemented some key social distance measures to our showroom including:

  • 1 customer limit in the shop floor at any time. We do encourage any customer planning to visit the showroom to let us know in advance to avoid queuing.
  • 2 metre markers throughout the showroom.
  • Complimentary anti-bacterial hand gel application for any customer or staff entering the showroom.
  • Regular anti-bacterial cleaning of showroom including key surfaces and displays.
  • Aspect fitters will also have PPE equipment when visiting any customer property. Specific PPE details and requirements will be discussed and confirmed when booking an appointment.

We thank you for our patience and we hope together we can ensure the long term safety of our staff and customers. We are glad to be back and look forward to seeing some of you soon!

social distancing Luxaflex poster on Aspect window styling showroom window

We are back!

UPDATE May 26.05.2020

Further to the government’s latest announcement, we have decided to reopen our showroom from the 15th June.
While we are cautiously optimistic to reopen the showroom and resume our services, we are also very mindful of the safety of our customers and staff.
As part of the reopening process, we will be implementing strict social distancing measures throughout the showroom. Initially, this will include 2m spaced stickers across the shop floor, a limit on the number of customers in the shop at one time and regular anti-bacterial cleaning of key surfaces. We are currently discussing more social distancing options and will of course update you more about these measures once we have decide on them.
As many of our services involve visiting customer’s properties (measures and fittings), we will also be considering the safest practices to ensure both our staff and customers feel comfortable. We are trialling fits this week with customer consent to achieve the safe return of our fitting services.
As mentioned before many of our suppliers have returned to work this week which means production of our products will begin again very soon. This means we will be receiving our open orders again. If you have an order with us our admin team will be in contact as soon as we hear any news. Our ‘supply only’ services have also resumed for most of our products for any customers looking to fit themselves. Please contact us for more information on this.
We would also like to take the opportunity again to reiterate our thanks to all of the NHS staff and essential workers who have supported the country continue during this very difficult time. Stay safe and we wish all of you the very best during this extraordinary time!

UPDATE May 11.05.2020

After the government’s latest announcement, we have decided to maintain our temporary closure and the suspension of the majority of our services.

Our admin team will continue to monitor any emails during this time so please contact us with any queries. We are also still regularly updating our website and social media platforms with new content to keep you entertained.

Many of our suppliers are returning to work this week which means production and supplying of our products will begin again very soon. This will include many of our open orders. If you have an order with us our admin team will be in contact as soon as we hear any news. We are also considering to resume supply only services for some of our products, for any customers looking to fit themselves.

There is some speculation that shops will be able to resume in June, which we hope to do so if viable and safe.

Stay safe and we wish all of you well during this extraordinary time!

A Coronavirus update from Aspect Window Styling.

As per the Government’s instructions we are now closed for the duration. We are suspending our services during this time and will reopen when allowed and safe to do so. We encourage all of our customers to remain at home where possible.


Coronavirus update

As you will be aware the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has meant that self-isolation has been enforced in the UK by the Government. Like many other businesses we are closing our showroom for the next 3 weeks to help combat the spread of the virus.


At Aspect Window Styling we are all very concerned for the well-being of our customers and staff. We have been considering temporarily closing the shop for a while prior to this announcement. We are however very glad action is being taken to ensure the best long-term health for of the country.

During this time of self-isolation, we encourage you to be safe and sensible and only leave the house when necessary.

Aspect Services

With the closure of the showroom, we must also announce the suspension of our services for the time being. While we would love to continue to supply any customers with our goods, especially those currently with an open design project with us, this will not be possible at this time.

If you are due to have an appointment with us for measuring or fitting during the period of self-isolation we will be in contact with you shortly to rearrange a new date as soon as we are able too. We are also taking new bookings though these will be booked in advance and may be subject to change.

What Aspect is doing during this period

We will be continuing to promote our services online and have lots of fun interesting posts appearing on our social media accounts to help keep you entertained during self-isolation. This will include expert guides on some of our key products, in-depth looks at our design projects and lovely photos to inspire a multitude of ideas for ways to transform your home.

Our email and other contact services will still be active and any of our designers or technical experts can be contacted at anytime. Please do contact us with any queries and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

Be safe and sensible

We wish all of our customers the best of health and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Thanks for reading!