Vertical blinds cover guide

A Beginner’s Guide to Vertical Blinds – Everything You Need To Know

Vertical blinds are a shading classic.

Offering a wide range of styles, widths and colours, verticals have remained prominent in an increasingly busy industry.

vertical blinds in living room window

Vertical shades are a classic and very versatile blind model.

You may have seen them before. And if you are intrigued by their look but don’t know a lot else about them, then this beginners’ guide is for you.

In our guide, we will be letting you know the key facts about what makes this blind style so special, including:

Let’s get started!

What Are Vertical Blinds?

Firstly, lets determine exactly what vertical blinds are.

There are two types of blind styles, horizontal and vertical. The simple difference between the two styles is how the blind slats move.

Horizontal blinds move up and down, while vertical blinds move side to side. And its this movement that gives the verticals its distinctive look.

As in order for the blind to open and close side to side, the blind vanes must be hung vertically. They are in fact fastened into a headrail and move via a pulley system, which can be operated by cord or motor.

Bamboo vertical blinds in large living room window

Achieve a distinctive style with vertical shades.

So, now we know what a vertical blind is, lets find out why it works so well.

Flexible Style

Verticals are the perfect blend of form and function.

This is down to two key elements, their timeless look and flexibility.

Through the clean lines of the vertical slats, vertical blinds effortlessly establish a structured ambiance throughout the home. Working well in both contemporary or traditional interior spaces.

Large vertical shades installation in modern living space

Effortlessly add timeless style to your windows with verticals.

Alongside this, verticals offer an unparalleled degree of flexible movement through precise control over the blind slats. Which in turn, means closing, adjusting or opening them is very efficient.

Its also worth noting that verticals are a made to measure product. This means they are manufactured to your window’s specific measurements. Overall, increasing their flexibility to an even greater degree.

But which windows do these blinds work best in?

Verticals Are Ideal For Large Windows and Patio Doors

That’s right, these blinds suit large window spaces.

But why is this?

Well, thanks to larger slats and the vertical profile, vertical blinds add height and dimension to both the window and the room. Not only creating a focal point, but also adding stylish flair to the window.

Their versatility also works particularly well here, providing a host of options over light, privacy and even temperature.

White vertical shades on French doors

Verticals work well with tall windows.

So, if you have a large window area, this is an ideal option.

But don’t get us wrong, they also work well within standard windows and other window types including.

Shaped Windows Too!

For those of you with bay or shaped windows, this will come as welcome news to you.

Verticals can be crafted to fit any angle or to uneven heights. Making shaped verticals a great option for shaped windows.

Have a look below to see what we mean.

Arched Vertical blind installation in contemporary living room

Verticals work with almost any shape of window.

One thing about using verticals in this style of window is that they flatter the proportions. Celebrating those unique spaces while simultaneously bringing balance back to the room.

Now we understand how they work and where they work best, the big question is why should you invest in them?

Why Should You Invest In Verticals?

Well verticals have many strengths.

Function-wise, verticals are very practical with their simple operation, and can be used by anyone.

On the styling front the sky is truly the limit.

There are lots of different options to choose from. Including lots of colours, materials, and fabric opacities, to name a few. So matching them to an existing décor, for both domestic and commercial spaces, is very straightforward.

Pink vertical blinds in dining room window

Find your perfect look with the many colour choices for verticals .

If you are unsure about their maintenance, don’t be. Verticals are actually very easy to clean, and collect much less dust than horizontal blinds do.

They are child and pet friendly too, thanks to their internal cord system. So you can feel assured they are safe to have around the home.

There are also eco-friendly blind options, such as the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ vanes, which are made from 98% recycled aluminium.

There is so much to be excited about these blinds!

Find Out More About Vertical Blinds
Vertical blinds in neutral living room

Why consider verticals for your home?

We hope you now feel informed on vertical blinds!

They really are a fantastic shading option, and a worthwhile investment.

Why not contact us to learn more and book a free measure!

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