MX-3 Awning with yellow cover extended over wooden patio space.

Awning Sale 2022 – Enjoy 10% Off All Markiux Awnings This January

The Markilux awning sale 2022 is now on!

Now, it may be January, but its not too early to prioritise your summer experience.

Awning extended over wooden patio area.

Guarantee your time outside this summer by adding a Markilux awning to your home.

Awnings are a timeless addition to any home.

They not only look fantastic but also provide superb shade and UV protection. Keeping you and your family safe throughout the year.

Now with a generous 10% off all Markilux awnings and accessories, it really is the prime opportunity to invest in your outdoor lifestyle.

So how can you take part in our sale?

How To Get 10% Off Your Awning Order

Getting 10% off your order is really easy.

Simply contact us and/or visit our showroom to get started.

From there, our awning experts can talk you through various awning options, including different awning models, accessories and preliminary prices.

(Bring a few rough measurements with you and photos, as it all helps!)

Next book a free measure, at a time that is convenient for you, and our expert fitting team will visit your property to complete a full site visit and get the final measurements.

Then, once we have been out, we will send you a no obligation quote, which will include the 10% discount.

Accept and place a 50% deposit on the order, all before the 31st January 2022 to get the discount.

See, it really is easy!

Why Choose A Markilux Awning?

OK, so a 10% discount sounds appealing but why choose a Markilux awning?

Well, simply put, Markilux are the premier awning supplier for the UK.

Based in Germany, Markilux have earnt their renowned reputation as industry leaders. Incorporating decades of technical innovation and exceptional design into all of their products and working to the highest standards.

MX-3 Awning cassette and technical drawing

Markilux awnings benefit from the latest innovations in German engineering to create the most efficient awning models on the market today.

We have worked with them for years ourselves and are proud to fit them.

Which Awning Models Will Work Best For Your Home?

Well, there is quite a selection of awning models to choose from.

With each awning style suiting different properties.

If that sounds a little overwhelming, don’t worry.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of all the available awning models.

awning in late afternoon early evening sun over raised patio and French doors.

The right awning will suit your home perfectly and enhance your outdoor lifestyle this summer.

This includes popular models such as the 970 and MX-3.

They key thing to remember here, is to find the right model that works best for you and your home.

Our team are also on hand in our showroom. Ready to walk you through each model and help you decide which awning will suit your home best.

Measure and Fitting Services Available

As we mentioned above, we offer a full design, measuring and fitting service.

Our measures are completely free, and available to book via our showroom team.

We also provide a comprehensive fitting service, with an electronic lifter to help us fit your awning properly, no matter the property!

Get In Contact!

By now, we hope the Markilux awning sale 2022 has piqued your interest!

If you are ready to start your awning journey and getting prepared for summer 2022, then contact us today!

Thanks for reading!