Awning Accessories Guide: How To Easily Enhance Your Awning

Considering an awning for your home? Did you know there are lots of different awning accessories available too?

Each of our awning models has multiple accessory options to easily enhance your outdoor experience.

So what does this include?

Well, our accessory guide is the best place to begin thinking about the new must-have addition for your awning.

Read on below!

LED Lighting

Ever get to the end of a lovely long Summer’s day, with family and friends in your garden, and not want the day to end?

By adding LED lighting to your awning, you can instantly extend your time outside. LED lighting provides an excellent energy efficient light source to allow you and your guests to enjoy long well-lit Summer nights in your garden.

There are four LED lighting options to choose from including:

  • LED in the canopyLED spotlights in the awning canopy
  • LED line in the front profile.
  • LED Ambient lighting.
  • LED spotlightsLED spotlight in front awning profile io awning

Each LED option can be adjusted to suit your preference by remote.

So why not illuminate your evenings with LED lighting and create a charming atmosphere in your garden.

Infra-Red Heating

As the perfect partner to LED lighting, infra-read heaters offer a pleasant heat to keep you comfortable outside during the evening.

The infra-red heater sits under the main awning and emits heat that spreads evenly beneath the canopy. The heater uses an infra-red halogen lamp with ultra low glare heating tube technology to ensure minimum glare and efficient heat output. It also has cooling fins built in to prevent excessive heating and to keep you and your awning safe.

As the sun sets, simply press a button and enjoy your ideal temperature late into the night.


While awnings are great at providing shade and privacy, it can still be difficult to completely block out low-lying sun. Shadeplus however solves this issue.

Shadeplus is an extra fabric cover that descends from the front profile of the awning. It blocks out awkward light and creates a cool private space for you to relax in. Its all linked to the motor and can be controlled or adjusted by the awning remote.

This feature also comes in lots of colour options to suit your awning’s look.

Shadeplus makes your awning more versatile and ensures you are fully prepared for a full comfortable day in the sun.


Even on the sunniest of days, a sudden gust of wind can catch your garden by surprise. The vibrabox feature helps tackle this problem and most importantly protects your awning.

Vibrabox is a small device that sits on the inside or outside of the awning profile. It measures vibrations from the wind and closes the awning if levels become too high. You can set or adjust the sensitivity levels on the vibrabox too at any time.

By choosing the vibrabox add-on, it protects your awning against wind and preserves your investment for years to come.

Rain sensor

Lets face it, the British Summer is unpredictable at best. Rain is always a possibility, even on sunny days. Adding a rain sensor to your installation ensures your awning will always remain safe and dry.

The rain sensor is securely fixed directly to the wall above the awning. From here, it will measure rain and even snow precipitation levels. If it registers too much moisture in the air, it will swiftly retract the awning.

The sensor has an integrated heater to regulate its temperature, to make sure its readings are accurate and there are no false alarms! It also has a unique foil that protects the inside from damp.

So if the heavens open, the rain sensor will retract your awning automatically and you can concentrate on getting yourself dry!

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After reading through our guide, we hope you have a clearer idea of which awning accessories could suit you best.

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