Autumn interior design trends and blind showcase

8 Essential Autumn Interior Design Trends for 2020 To Instantly Transform Your Home

If you are looking to redecorate this Autumn/Winter, our list of the top 8 Autumn interior design trends is a great place to get started with some fresh ideas!

It’s no surprise that the common theme of this year’s Autumn interior design trends is to treat your home as a restorative place. After the way this year has been, its something we can all agree is very necessary right now. Other themes for this season include experimenting with mood/tone, the prominence of warm neutrals, and indulging in nostalgia with ‘Granny Chic’.

With staying in being the new going out this season, its an exciting opportunity to have fun and explore new creative ideas for your home.

Lets begin!

1. Moody Interiors

Our home reflects our mood, but what does the mood in your home say about you?

Ever felt continually stressed around the house?


Then Moody Interiors may be your answer.

The idea of Moody Interiors is to achieve a serene balance of design and comfort in your home. It creates an aspirational feeling that spreads throughout the house, which in turn, will finally allow you to relax and refuel.

So, how can you achieve Moody Interiors in your home?

Now, a good way to begin is by exploring the use of different tones around the house. For example using deep blues offset against lighter shades. You can do this with paint, wallpaper, and fabric in the form of furniture or window furnishings. We like to recommend the Irish Linen fabric series, The Upperland Collection (pictured above), to anyone interested in experimenting with rich colour tones.

By introducing a colour contrast, it creates immediate visual interest that will stimulate your mind and eradicates stress. Combine this with your home’s natural light and instantly feel your surroundings begin to soften.

The truly great thing about this trend is that it is totally personal. Whichever route you take, just remember to find the mood that works for you.

So in these worrying times, let your interiors lift your mood!

2. Brave Ground – Colour of the year 2021

Brave Ground colour painted on kitchen walls.

With 2021 fast approaching, Dulux have announced their 2021 colour of the year, Brave Ground.

Certainly an impressive name, but what makes it colour of the year?

Brave Ground is an elemental neutral shade that brings a bolstering, warm balance to any room. Ideal for the upcoming Winter months.

Brave Ground uses its serene presence to provide a touch of calm to any decor. It is available primarily in paint form but can be found in various fabrics for furniture and window furnishings too.

Brave Ground is essentially a timeless colour that encourages a stress free environment.

Sound appealing?

If so, get ahead of the trend with a splash of Brave Ground in your home!

3. Cosy Country

Floral poppy print curtains in rustic interior design.

Cosy Country is the UK’s answer to the classic Hygge style. Like the name suggests, it takes the homeliest aspects of rustic country living and applies them to your living space.

Cosy Country encourages us to play with texture and layering throughout our home. This can be done with different fabrics in the guise of new curtains, blankets and throws. We recommend Saxon, Logan and Allotment as a few collections to look at.

Colours focus mostly on green and earthy tones for a natural ambiance. Cosy Country also emphasises wood features and natural material in combination with soft light to create a snug atmosphere.

Wind down during the Winter evenings in your very own Cosy Country setting!

4. Comforting Neutrals

Comforting neutral contemporary minimalist living room with Brave Ground wall colour

Going hand in hand with Cosy Country, Comforting Neutrals nurtures rest and relaxation.

Neutrals in general, never go out of style. So much so, that they are often a default look for contemporary and traditional interior design.

By introducing a neutral colour palette to your interiors, with paint or furnishings, it will immediately elicit a calming response within your four walls.

You can then sit back and enjoy your relaxing neutral haven as the cold weather rolls in outside.

5. Back to Nature

Journey Beyond fabric curtains in Contemporary living room.

As we move towards an increasingly hectic and digital modern society, never has reconnecting with nature been so important.

Back to Nature, or biophilia, details a celebration of our collective affinity for nature. This look emphasises natural materials, upcycling and sustainability. All of which encourages positivity and general wellbeing.

The boasts of psychological benefits, specifically increasing wellness and productivity, are founded too. With a lot of interior architects taking a biophilic approach to designing hospitals and schools for those very reasons. Its also not dissimilar from the harmonising elements of Feng shui.

Here are some quick ideas to begin your journey Back to Nature:

  • Invest in a house plant or plants around the house.
  • Celebrate natural light in your home.
  • Explore sustainable/recycled items (such as our Sea-Tex Blinds)
  • Experiment with Jungle imagery in your interior design, such as the Journey Beyond collection.

Back to Nature is less of trend and more of a growing movement, one we recommend you get behind!

6. New Florals

Florals and botanicals are usually in style. So what makes New Florals, new?

New Florals is actually a re-emergence of pure floral patterns into our everyday interiors. A lot of floral based styles have drifted to exotic looks, as mentioned in our Back to Nature section.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this style, New Florals opts to take a simpler approach. Returning floral patterns back to their role as an easy to live with pretty backdrop.

New florals can be big and bold or minimalist in look, its really up to you. Have fun exploring different patterns and styles for wallpaper and fabric prints, such as the Reflections Collection. One great thing about florals is that they never really date, making for a great long-term investment.

If you find yourself longing for the memory of warmer days, give New Florals some thought instead.

7. Grand Millennial

Retro curtain design featuring herons and colourful riverbank mosaic.

If you are in love with all things retro, get ready to channel your inner ‘Granny Chic’ with Grand Millennial!

Grand Millennial’s simple ethos is new-but-old-style.

It celebrates the past, using retro designs and items but repurposes them for a contemporary setting.

Ideas for how you can evoke your Grand Millennial, include vintage-inspired wallpaper, retro lighting and of course florals. We love florals here and we have lots of floral fabric collections capturing the vintage and maximalist looks. These include Copper Falls, South Pacific and the Maui collections. All are available for curtains, soft furnishings and accessories. Samples are available too!

Evoke the memory of happier, calmer times with your very own personalised nostalgia at home with Grand Millennial!

8. Graphic Scandi

Minimalist living room Graphic Hygge

The ever popular Scandi look is getting a colourful makeover!

Much like the timeless Hygge style, Graphic Scandi focuses on uncluttered minimalist interior design. However, this time the look experiments with colour contrasts.

By using an injection of fresh colour you will liven up the muted Scandi design. You can achieve this through minimal furniture, statement paint techniques and a focus on primary colours through fabric and paint. This will then enhance the pre-existing lines and contours around the home, bringing out the absolute best in your living space.

If you want to make a clean break this Autumn and declutter your life with a twist of colour, then consider Graphic Scandi.

Want more trends?

We hope our Autumn interior design trends have inspired you!

You can visit our showroom to chat to our experienced designers who are more than happy to help you achieve any of the trends above in your home!

Thanks for reading!