Powermotion shutters motor and remote

Automated Shutters – A Start-To-Finish Guide to PowerMotion

Are you looking at shutters for your home?

But have you ever considered automated shutters?


Well, let us tell you why you should in our start-to-finish guide.

Discover exactly what automated shutters are and how they will vastly improve, not only your user experience, but also the light and privacy in your home.

PowerMotion Shutters in large Window

Automated Shutters are available for your home now

What are Automated Shutters?

So, automated shutters are simply normal shutters but with an added remote control option.

This feature allows you to open or close the shutter louvres or slats via remote.

Very convenient!

But why should you choose this option for your shutters?

Why should I Choose Automated Shutters?

Well the big incentive of choosing automated shutters is that they can be used in any window installation.

But what do we mean?

Well this will include large windows and hard to reach windows such as skylights. Which previously would have been unfeasible.

Just imagine being able to adjust the shutter louvres in a skylight window with a press of the button.

It is all now possible.

Its also a huge time saver. Giving you the power to adjust all the louvres at once, instead of panel by panel.

OK, so what is the best automated shutter option?

Glad you asked, its called PowerMotion.

What is PowerMotion?

PowerMotion is the new motorised shutter upgrade from S-Craft.

The system gives you total remote control over your shutters louvre angles.

Which means you can easily set the perfect balance of light and privacy at any window from anywhere in your home.

But what will PowerMotion look like when fitted to your shutters.

Lets find out!

PowerMotion Shutters

Firstly, PowerMotion shutters will require a small motor placed on the reverse of the shutter panel.

But don’t worry, this motor is truly discreet. Just take a look below to see what we mean.

PowerMotion motor on reverse of shutter panel

Discreet MS4 motor – Helps power the shutter louvres

But if its this small, does it effect the motor’s performance?

In a word, no.

In fact, this is a high efficiency MS4 motor. Which means it has more than enough power.

As for installation, the motor is also installed at every louvred sector of the shutter, to ensure maximum efficiency.

Battery life is impressive too. But there is also a small solar panel feature attached to each motor for additional power.

This solar panel faces out of the window and quietly charges when not in use. Overall, extending the motor’s battery life.

The MS4 motor will be colour matched to the shutter’s exact finish.

Take a look at the model breakdown below to see how it functions.

Powermotion ms4 motor diagram

PowerMotion MS4 Motor Diagram

How Do I Control The Shutter Louvres?</span?

OK so now we know what PowerMotion is and how it looks how do you use it?

Well, all automated shutters come with a unique dial remote. And it’s this little remote that gives you power over the shutter louvres.

PowerMotion Automated Shutter remote

PowerMotion Dial Remote – Display available in our showroom

All it takes to operate is a simple turn of the dial. And as it turns, so too do the shutter louvres to your perfect preference.

The remote dial also offers superb range. So can be used anywhere in the home without interference.

It really is very straightforward to use, just take a look at the model diagram below.

powermotion dial remote blueprint diagram listing all control options

PowerMotion Dial Remote

The shutter louvres can also still be adjusted manually by hand if necessary and this will not damage the motors or machanism in any way.

Built In Safety

If you are concerned about the safety of electric shutters, then worry no further.

The PowerMotion motor has a built in jam protection safety feature that immediately stops the louvre operation when it detects any obstructions.

Automated shutters jam safety feature

PowerMotion shutters keep your family safe with excellent safety features.

A big reassurance for anyone with safety concerns, especially those with young children or pets.

Want more information?

PowerMotion opens a world of new design solutions in the home. Providing many practical benefits over privacy, insulation and light in even the most obscure of windows.

If you would like to know more about automated shutters why not visit our showroom?

You can test our PowerMotion shutter display, and also speak to our technical experts about installation and operation.

If you have any questions in the meantime please contact us!

Thanks for reading!