AutoClose Shutters

AutoClose shutters is an optional feature that provides a very efficient user experience.

Ring Pull Control

By pulling the ring the shutter louvres are fully closed and completely flat at the same time.

Discreet Mechanism

The AutoClose Mechanism is discreetly built into the shutters.

AutoClose shutters are the essential upgrade you need to enhance your shutter user experience.

AutoClose shutters let you close the shutter louvres automatically when the panels are folded. This saves you time and reduces the risk of damage to your shutters.

Discover the benefits of investing in AutoClose for your shutters!


AutoClose Shutters

AutoClose Shutters are a new optional extra upgrade from S-Craft that has been designed to vastly improve your shutter user experience.

How does it work?

AutoClose uses a discreet mechanism which has been fully integrated into S-Craft’s existing shutter models to close the louvres when prompted. There is a pull ring placed onto the shutter panel which when pulled ensures the louvres are completely flat. This then means the shutter panels can be closed easily without obstruction.

Why Invest In AutoClose Shutters?

The AutoClose feature has been designed to remove any hassle from using your shutters. With a standard set of shutters, the louvres typically have to be closed independently whenever you need to adjust the panels. By having the AutoClose mechanism in place they can all be closed at the same time. This allows for a much smoother and more efficient operation overall.

By ensuring the louvres are completely flat, AutoClose shutters minimise the risk of damage when closing the shutter panels. This helps preserve your shutter investment for much longer.

Perfect for Large Windows

The AutoClose mechanism is particularly useful for larger windows including patio doors. This is because any shutters installed here will most likely have multiple panels, each with lots of louvres which can be difficult to open and close quickly. The AutoClose feature streamlines this process and means you can move your shutter panels much faster and safer.

Wood Options

AutoClose shutters are available for Cuba, Samoa and Fiji wood options and are discreetly built in to the shutters.

Want more information?

If you would like to know more about AutoClose shutters why not visit our showroom where you can see and test our AutoClose display. You can also speak to our shutter experts about the benefits of the unique AutoClose operation.

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