Markilux 50 year anniversary awning colours samples

Celebrating 50 years of Markilux Awnings – New Anniversary Colours

Awnings have long since become a lifestyle product, and Markilux have been instrumental in their unwavering popularity.

The awning company is now celebrating 50 years of success with a special campaign to release new anniversary colours.

Markilux anniversary frame colour samples on MX-2 awning

There are 5 new anniversary colours to discover from Markilux.

Let’s discover more details about the celebrations and what it means for our awning customers:

50 Years Of Markilux

Anniversary Awning Colours

Which Awnings Are The Colours Available For?

Watch Out For The MX-2 Too

50 Years Of Markilux

Markilux was founded in Germany in 1972 by Carl-Hinderich Schmitz.

Markilux office building in 1972 in Emsdetten, northwest Germany

Markilux office building in Emsdetten, northwest Germany 1972.

This then new company, designed and produced made-to-measure awnings for patios, balconies, windows and conservatories. Quickly becoming recognised as Germany’s premier awning specialist supllier.

Markilux awning original workroom floor

Markilux workroom floor in the 1970’s

Ever since then, Markilux has extended into the international market. Delivering an extensive range of contemporary awning models to improve the outdoor experience for millions of homes across the UK and Europe.

Part of this long-term success is due to their ability to continually evolve. Pioneering new technology and advancements in engineering, to produce innovative solutions for external shade and UV protection.

Markilux awning warehouse behind the scenes hanging awning frame parts.

Markilux engineers take great care throughout the manufacturing process for a quality finish.

Anniversary Awning Colours

To celebrate 50 years in the awning industry, Markilux have produced a number of new exclusive colours for their frames.

Dubbed the “High Five”, these colours are key to the company’s anniversary campaign.

And of course, a special thank you to loyal customers.

“High Five” colours include:

  • Concept black (5095)

  • Space blue metallic (5084)

  • Fine green (5073)

  • New champagne metallic (5062)

  • Real silver metallic (5051)

The “High Five” colours were designed by Annette Busch. Who took inspiration from garden furniture, outdoor textiles, wall and floor tiles to create this glamorous palette.

Each colour is finely nuanced, to work with different architecture and furnishing styles.

Ranging from quiet to expressive, but always timeless.

Which Awnings Are The Colours Available For?

The great news is that each of the “High Five” colours are available for all but one of Markilux’s awning models.

(The colours are not available for the 1300 model)

MX-2 with silver frame and green cover over garden patio.

Anniversary colours are available for your preferred awning model.

So, you can easily colour coordinate with the vast majority of their awnings.

Its worth noting too, these new colours will be charged at standard pricing. Avoiding any colour surcharge.

All part of Markilux saying thank you to their customers!

Watch Out For The MX-2 Too

While not strictly part of the 50 years of Markilux celebration, the announcement of the MX-2 is very exciting news.

And another great example of the company’s ever-evolving style.

MX-2 awning over garden patio

The newly announced MX-2 is available now.

The MX-2 presents state of the art solar protection in a minimalist harmonious design.

We’ll be talking more about the MX-2 in greater detail soon!

How To Find Out More
High five Markilux awning anniversary colour samples

Why not indulge in Markilux’s new anniversary colours for your new awning at no extra charge.

If you feel inspired by the new anniversary colours, then why not visit us to find out more.

We have the new colour samples here in our showroom, and Markilux awning displays to show off too.

You can also contact us directly for more information and free estimates on costings.

Thanks for reading!