Silhouette blinds with top down bottom up function in contemporary living room

Tired With Your Lockdown Setting? These 5 Tips Will Make You Fall In Love Again

Are you fed up of your lockdown setting?


Well, we have some good news.

We have 5 quick and easy tips to help revamp your home. Ranging from colour tips to the best window furnishing products, each tip will be a stepping stone to kickstarting your lockdown redesign and unlocking your home’s potential.

So lets shed the lockdown blues and learn to fall in love with your home all over again!

1. Add Colour To Your Home

First things first, lets inject some colour!

Colourful Blind samples display

Fresh colour is a great place to start renewing your home.

Now adding any strong colour to a home design can be daunting but trust us, even a small amount will immediately improve your state of mind. This is as colour and positivity are in fact linked. With many psychologists citing how we can use colour to increase well-being and positivity.

We have explored adding colour to your home design before, and its really easy to do. Begin slowly, by picking colours that suit you. Then decide where this colour should go in your home. Choose somewhere it will make a real impact, such as your living room or home office. Next we need to determine how best to apply it.

So this part works best when it matches your expectations and budget. If you would like an entire new interior design, that’s great! Though this will take time, you will definitely be able to get an entire new design primed for a refreshed home. However if you are looking for something simpler and instant you could use paint or soft furnishings. Remember its got to work for you.

We would typically recommend blinds as the ideal product for this. Blinds are not only versatile but come in lots of colours, translucencies and model types. They range in price too, so can work within any budget, and have a quick lead time. Therefore you can introduce colour very quickly and enjoy the benefits!

2. Dedicate Space In Your Home

Have you found yourself working from home or home-schooling during lockdown?

Lockdown has certainly created a shift in the way we do things but it can all still feel a little chaotic.

A great tip if you haven’t already done this, is to create a dedicated space. It sounds so simple, but by doing this you will maximise your productivity. It also makes it so much easier to wind down when the day is over!

Shutters in bedroom window

Create dedicated spaces in your home to work, play and relax.

It can be anywhere in your home such as a study, dining table or garage. Just remember to be comfortable, reduce clutter, and keep some colour in eyesight for those creative juices to flow!

We also find it much easier to sit near to a window. Even a glimpse of outside world throughout the day will ignite a heap of motivation. A nifty product to add a finishing touch to your window scene is the duette blind. A favourite of ours, especially this time of year, the duette is ideal for setting the right mood. It has a wide range of transparency and privacy options, from light filtering to room darkening as well as excellent insulation properties.

3. Maximise Light

The right light is essential to any home. Any designer will tell you this. It can alter the mood and affect stress levels. Especially at this time of year.

So how can you utilise light in your home?

Actually, its very easy.

Most window furnishing products, including blinds and shutters, can provide practical control over the natural light in your home. A specific product we like to suggest for light properties is the silhouette blind.

Silhouette blinds with top down bottom up mechanism in grey modern living room

Silhouette blinds can quickly refresh your lockdown environment.

The silhouette is great to gently filter and disperse natural light, opting for a softer interior. Its a really stylish look too, refreshing any tired window scene.

4. Walkaway When You Need Too

Despite making improvements to your lockdown setting, there will always be a need to getaway from your workstation. And this is absolutely fine.

Everyone needs a break and being at home ironically makes this slightly more difficult to achieve. That said, there are a few things you can do to help this.

As mentioned, keep likely stressful elements to one place in your home. A single space somewhere in the house for work, home-schooling ect. As this will separate it in your mind and let you relax easier elsewhere.

If space is an issue, we may have a unique solution in the form of shutters.

Shutters wall divider across living room

Create more space in your home with wall divider shutters

Now you may not know this, but shutters are available as wall dividers too. This shutter style are regular shutters but attached to a track system. They are installed on the ceiling in the centre of a room and can be closed or opened to suit your needs. Simply meaning, you can quite literally create separate rooms in your house. Its a quirky option to converting space but cheaper than a garden office or extension!

5. Plan Your New Home Look

Remember there is light at the end of the tunnel! This feeling of lockdown déjà vu will be over soon enough. And with that in mind, its a great time to look ahead.

Think about key changes you would like to make to your interior. Use this downtime to decide on exactly what you would like for your home. Whether its new curtains, or a whole interior redesign, lets make 2021 the time to renew your home design!

So how do you get started?

You can contact us right now! Our designers are ready to advise you on any of the products mentioned above via email or Zoom. We are also able to provide quotes, supply services and fitting.

Thanks for reading.