Markilux awning on countryside property

10 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Patio Awning for your Home

Are you hoping to spend more quality time in your garden this year?

If so, a patio awning is the perfect way to complete your outdoor summer experience.

But why is this?

And more importantly why should you invest in an awning for your home?

Let our list of the top 10 reasons to own an awning convince you of exactly that!

First, here’s what we will be looking at in our list:

  1. Shade and UV Protection
  2. Privacy
  3. Timeless Appearance
  4. Extensive electric and Remote Control Options
  5. LED Lighting
  6. Infra Red Heating
  7. Water Resistant and Self-Cleaning Awning Fabrics
  8. Vertical Blinds Options
  9. Robust and Reliable Products
  10. Market Leaders

Let’s get started!

1. Shade and UV Protection

Awnings are superb at providing shade and solar protection when you need it most.

Their specialist fabric is tightly woven to ensure it reflects all harmful UV rays throughout the day.

Markilux 970 awning over garden patio with red fabric

Shade and UV protection

Keeping you and your family cool and safe on hot summer days. Allowing you to relax and comfortably enjoy your time outside.

2 .Privacy

As well as creating shade, patio awnings are great for privacy.

When fully extended, your awning creates a truly private space in your garden.

There are multiple extra shade options available to increase your privacy including shade plus.

Markilux awning with retractable valance pulled down in garden patio area.

Shade Plus

Shade Plus is an additional screen that lowers from the front of the awning profile to add extra privacy.

Side awnings, including the 770 awning model (pictured below) are also available for alternative shade options.

790 side awning fully opened providing lateral UV protection.

790 side awning

Awnings make it so easy to create a personal and private environment to relax in.

3. Timeless Appearance

Patio awnings are effortlessly stylish products.

And the right awning will enhance your home’s style.

Patio awning in extended over English garden

Add style and class to your garden this summer with an awning.

Now, there are a wide range of awning designs and models to choose from. Which can feel a little overwhelming.

However each model has been specifically designed to suit different types of architecture. Making the whole process a lot easier than you think.

Our awning model guide can help you find more information on the different awning models too!

For those curious what happens when your awning is not in use, they are fully retractable.

Which means they can slot away very neatly and remain totally unobtrusive when not in use.

4. Extensive Electric and Remote Control Options

Owning an awning should be convenient, and with multiple control options, they really are.

Any Markilux awning is available with remote option to ensure a straightforward user experience.

Markilux 970 awning electric motor.

Enjoy maximum convenience with a modern awning system.

You can also add your awning to a home automation system, to pre-set your awning’s schedule or even use voice recognition software to operate it.

5. LED Lighting

Awnings are able to extend your summer days with lighting features.

Spotlights or LED lighting are available for any awning model.

Which sit discretely in the awning design to illuminate your outdoor area after the sun goes down.

MX-3 awning with shaped curved cassete.

LED Lighting Options available now

6. Infra Red Heating

We have all found ourselves enjoying the ambience at the end of a summer’s day and wanted to continue our time outside.

Infra red heating features and ensure you can.

These heaters emit heat that keeps the area under the awning lovely and warm for as long as you need it.

They sit just beneath the awning cassette, so to remain unobtrusive and automatically turn off after a set time to avoid overheating.

Markilux awning infra red heating system

Infra Red Heating

By adding infra red heaters to your patio awning you can stay outside for longer and make the most of your summer nights!

7. Water Resistant and Self Cleaning Awning Fabrics

Awning maintenance is easy too. Especially now water resistant and self cleaning fabrics are available.

Leading awning manufacturer Markilux, have developed advanced awning fabric that can withstand the elements and even self clean in rain.

It does this by using a transparent waterproof layer that lets the rain run over it and clean the material. This fabric is also impervious to wet weather and dries quickly.

This means patio awnings can take care of themselves and less hassle to maintain for you!

8. Vertical Blinds

For those with limited outdoor space, Markilux offers unique external blinds.

External blinds were developed to work with high rise apartments and sit vertically across the windows.

External vertical blind covering window.

External Vertical Blind

These blinds offer as much sun protection and privacy as the traditional awning model but work extremely well in a reduced external window space.

9. Robust and Reliable

By being exposed to the elements throughout the year, awnings need to withstand quite a lot.

The great news is that, a lot of models are designed and built with this in mind.

Markilux awnings in particular, are made with a combination of German engineering, robust materials and solid metallic frames to withstand varying weather conditions.

They are also regularly tested and trialled by the Markilux team to ensure they remain robust and reliable products.

10. Markilux Awnings are the best models on the market

Our preferred awning manufacturer is Markilux. They are based in Germany and are considered to be industry leaders.

They employ superb German engineering qualities and deliver an excellent user experience.

Want more information?

If you would like to know more about patio awnings or the Markilux awnings in general you can contact us.

We offer a free design and on site awning measuring and fitting services.

You can also visit us at our showroom in Bath to browse our awning display, and get technical advice on our awnings from our awning experts.

Thanks for reading!