Contemporary Look

Modern awning models are stylish and practical additions to any home. They have many accommodating features to help you make the most of your outside area all year round. This includes LED lighting, infra-red heating and wind/rain sensors. Alongside hand operated controls, modern awnings can also be remote controlled, with a durable handset, and are compatible with home automation systems. View our full list of contemporary awning models.

Traditional Style

Achieve the quintessential British garden with our traditional awnings. The classic striped style pattern and shaped valance is a timeless look for any outdoor area. With a lightweight frame, hand operated or motorised control options and straightforward installation a classic style awning lets you enjoy your time outside to the fullest.

External Blinds

Vertical roller blinds are a stylishly practical option for those with limited outdoor space.  Designed to function much like standard roller blinds, these external vertical awnings cover the entirety of the window. They provide excellent solar protection to create a cool and comfortable indoor living space for your home especially during the summer months. Vertical roller blinds can also be retracted in to a closed cassette when not being used, fitting in seamlessly with your home’s aesthetics.

Ask us a question regarding your window styling

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