Switzerland International Plissé Shades Project

Project Overview

This was a very unique and fun project showing our Top-Down/Bottom-Up Plissé Shades work. The client visited our showroom looking for a blind to achieve privacy and heat retention while also maintaining the scenic mountain views from their home. We were a little surprised when the client revealed they were looking to purchase blinds for their home in Switzerland!

The client showed us some wonderful photos of their property, in particular the spectacular views from their cabin. We suggested the Top-Down/Bottom-Up Plissé Shades as the perfect complement to their idyllic mountain home.

Plissé Shades are extremely versatile as they can operate from the top down, bottom up or any other height on the window providing total control over privacy and light in the cabin.

For the blinds colour selection we aimed to match the natural wood look of the cabin. We recommended a muted beige tone for the blinds to suit the aesthetics and hygge ambiance and the client happily agreed.

While we would have loved a trip to Switzerland, time and budget stood in the way but with clear measuring instructions from our end we used the client’s measurements and supplied the blinds directly to the customer. The Shades fitted perfectly and the customer was more than happy to send photos of the results!

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