Markilux Awning Project

Project Overview

This showcases one of our Markilux awning exterior design projects. The customer had a South facing garden and was really concerned about Sun damage to their living room as well as wanting to create a safe shaded space in their garden/patio for their children to play in during the summer.

We suggested a Markilux patio awning as a solution for this. Awnings are fantastic for shade and can be attached to most homes. They also feature many remote motorised options making them very easy to operate.

We used Markilux to supply the awning as they are the premier awning manufacturer. They use German engineering to create the most advanced, efficient and reliable awnings on the market today.

The client selected a remote controlled awning in a classic green colour. They also added the shade plus option to their awning which is an extra drop down cover at the end of the awning which creates a private and shaded space in their garden at a moment’s notice.

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