PowerMotion Shutters

PowerMotion are available for different types of shutters including standard, bay and custom shaped.

Solar Power

PowerMotion motors contain solar panels to extend battery life.

PowerMotion Remote

The PowerMotion remote is sleek in design and has different colour ring options including white, grey, bronze and red.

Control over light and privacy

Use PowerMotion to set the perfect balance of light and privacy to suit you.

Automated shutters are an essential technical upgrade you need to enhance your windows and home.

PowerMotion is the new range of automated shutters from S-Craft that offers remote control options for shutters to improve their performance and usability.

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About PowerMotion

PowerMotion is the new motorised shutter upgrade option from S-Craft. PowerMotion uses remote technology to let you control the shutter’s louvre angles, so you can easily set the perfect balance of light and privacy in your home via remote.

Discreet Motor

Automated shutters use a high efficiency MS4 motor which is discreetly installed at every louvred sector of the shutter. The MS4 Motor has a solar panel feature which faces out of the window and quietly charges when not in use, extending the battery life. The MS4 motor can also be colour matched to the shutter’s exact finish.

Remote Control

The unique PowerMotion remote provides total control over the shutter louvres. By effortlessly turning the dial on the remote, either in hand or on the wall fixing, the shutter louvres move in motion with the remote toward opened or closed positions. The louvres can then be adjusted to the perfect levels to match your preferences at anytime. The remote control offers superb range and can be used anywhere in the home without interference.

The shutter louvres can also still be adjusted manually by hand if necessary and this will not damage the motors in any way.

Built in Jam Protection

If the shutter louvres become jammed or obstructed the installed MS4 motors have a built in jam protection. This means they immediately stop when the louvre operation is interrupted. This is a big reassurance for anyone with safety concerns about automated shutters in their home, especially those with young children or pets.

No Window Is Off Limits

The big incentive of choosing automated shutters is that by having remote operation, shutters become a viable option for hard to reach installations and large windows where hand operation is not always possible. PowerMotion shutters opens a world of new design solutions in the home and provides practical benefits over privacy, insulation and light in even the most obscure of windows.

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